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Baba Lokenath Is The Witness of Your Body and Mind

  • March 13, 2018
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How do you think Baba can hear the cry of millions from every corner of the world? I have heard people say, this is impossible, how can one listen to so many praying to him and then grant their prayers. We always think of Baba as the body that we see. A body is bound by time and space. But do you think Baba is only a body? Nay, Baba is the Antaryamin, the witness of your mind and body. All that you do and all that happens to you, He is the only Witness of your heart. You can't see him but you can always feel him. Yes, he is the only witness inside of you. That is the reason every time you pray to Him he hears it first. Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari



2 responses to “Baba Lokenath Is The Witness of Your Body and Mind”

  1. Sunayan says:

    Jai Baba Lokenath, I am so happy that the website is finally launched..Thanks ..many Thanks

  2. PPM says:

    Jai Baba Lokenather jai

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