Sunderban Villages ravaged by Cyclone Bulbul

Recently the villages in Sunderbans were ravaged by the Cyclone Bulbul. Bodhi is working harder than ever to aid and assist. Using his love for technology he has started doing video calls with these remote villages, doing Satsang and inspiring them to never lose hope and to lead a truly spiritual life. You too can join the work of caring and sharing by contributing to Lokenath Divine Life Mission (LDLM) through the Contribution Button if you live in India or globally on PayPal on As Bodhi says so eloquently: “Blessed are they who come to this world to expand themselves through service to others. God loves them for their gesture of divine love. For service to others is indeed love divine. Who receives the service from our hearts other than God?” Any help is deeply appreciated! Bodhi’s work with as charity but it is the furthest thing from traditional charity as he believes charity cripples the soul and only fosters dependency. Here in his own words is how he describes his work: “My vision and mission of founding Lokenath Divine Life Mission is to see communities thriving on the principle of self help and self dignity and growing together with deepest feeling of fellowship, creating wealth and sharing it with a heart free of malice for anyone and love for all. A community founded on cooperation and not competition. Where everyone lives for the other, where happiness is a shared value. Where personal growth is always in the plane of evolved consciousness. Where this organization is only a catalyst in creating the miracle of humanity free of hunger and deprivation, and children educated to be global citizens with practiced spiritual values of harmony and peaceful coexistence.” To read more about the Work of LDLM please see our Charity Projects Link.

Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari r Amrita Katha o Tar Saar

ei pushtika te Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa Ji taanr Param aradhya Gurudev Thakurer amrita banir byakhya korechen pranjol bhashai ja porle apni sadhan pother ebong Shanti labher anek patheo paben, anuprerona paben, paben Thakurer akuntha Ashirbad.

Why Fear When Baba Is Here!

Baba says, "Why fear when I am there." So true. We all need to keep in mind that it is foolish to fight with negative forces head on. How can we dispel darkness by invoking darkness? Only light can do that. Baba Lokenath is that eternal flame of positive light in your heart. Invoke Baba and leave your worries to His lotus feet. He is bhaktavatsal, Baba and Ma in one.  Remember any one of his eternal Promises or Words, and close your eyes, and meditate upon those words, allow those words to resonate in your heart, in your body, in every cell, and feel Baba's presence in his words, for His Word and Baba are inseparable. Your fear will flee! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Baba Lokenath Temple Events for Durga Puja 2018

The schedule of Sri Sri Sharodia Durga Puja 2018 at

Lokenath Divine Life Mission.
277 Shanti Pally.
Kolkata 700107.
15th October - Maha Shashtthi - Monday- Sri Sri Durga Debi's Adhibash Puja at Evening.
16th October - Maha Saptami - Tuesday-
Puja starts at 7 A.M.
Pushpanjali - starts at 9.30 A.M
17th October - MAHA ASHTUMI - Wednesday
Puja starts at 8 A.M.
Pushpanjali starts ay 10 A.M.
Sandhi Puja starts at 12.26 P.M.
Deep Dan and Offering of 108 Lotus to Ma Durga by Swamiji - starts at 12.50 P.M.
Sandhi Puja be completed by 1.14 ,P.M.
18th October - Maha Nabami - Thurs day-
Puja starts at 8.30 A.M.
Pushpanjali starts at 10.30 A.M.
Joggo starts at 11 A.M.
19 October -  Maha Dashami - Fri day .
Puja will be completed by 8.30 A.M.
After offering bhog to Ma Durga all  will be served Mahaprasad on
17th Wednesday ar 1. 30 P.M.
For more information please call (+91)9831038183

Baba Lokenath Is Always There To Protect You

As the life around the world is becoming more and more crisis ridden, men and women around the world are feeling more and more confused and worried about the future. Baba knew this plight of the world much before and no wonder he proclaimed with ultimate authority of total divinity, that if you find life really unmanageable and difficult then remember Me, and I will save you. Today, His Presence is the only source of Hope for all of those who are His followers, and consider themselves as His eternal children, irrespective of what community or faith tradition they belong to. Jai Baba Lokenath!! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari  

Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Bodhi’s) Annual US Tour Schedule Sept. 2018

2018 US Tour Schedule for Shuddhaanandaa (Bodhi) Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari (Bodhi) will be touring the US the first three weeks of September at the following locations. If you would like contact information for the host of a specific event or a flyer for that event please e-mail Susan at and I will put you in touch with the host. Please do not miss this opportunity to hear Bodhi talk on these very relevant subjects in today's world. Bodhi would like to thank all the hosts at the various locations for booking such exciting events! Madison, WI Temple Inauguration AHA Shiva Vishnu Temple and Cultural Center of Wisconsin 2138 S. Fish Hatchery Road Fitchburg, WI Saturday Sept. 8 2:00 PM Seattle, WA "Love and Unity" E-mail for more information Monday Sept. 10 7:00 PM Los Angeles, CA "Finding Love and Unity in this Divisive Yet Hopeful Time" The Gateway: A Portal for Growth and Wellness 10401 Venice Blvd Suite 202 Los Angeles, California 90034 Wednesday Sept. 12 7:00 PM Houston, TX Making Mind Your Best Friend Sanatan Hindu Center 603 Doscher Ln, Sugar Land, TX 77479 Saturday, Sept. 15 5:30-7PM Naperville, IL "Finding Love and Unity in this Divisive Yet Hopeful Time" DuPage Unitarian Universal Church 1828 Old Naperville Rd, Naperville, IL 60563 Phone: (630) 505-9408 Monday, Sept. 17 7:00 PM Kalamazoo, MI "Finding Love and Unity in this Divisive Yet Hopeful Time" Unity of Kalamazoo 1204 Whites Rd, Kalamazoo, MI 49008 Phone: (269) 385-2239 Tuesday, Sept. 18 7:00 PM Robbinsville, NJ "Compassion in Action" E-mail for more information Friday,Sept. 21 6:30 PM Woodside, NY "Mindful and Stress Management Event" Sri Sri Radha Krishna Mandir (Srimad Gita Sangha) 39-16 60th Street, Woodside, NY 11377 Saturday, Sept. 22 7:00 PM Elmhurst, NY "Mindful and Stress Management Event" Bangladesh Hindu Mandir 94-39, 44th Avenue, Elmhurst, NY 11373 Sunday, Sept. 23 3:00 PM

Baba Lokenath Is Your Very Being

Meditate upon the form of the Living Shiva Baba Lokenath. Even if you can unplug your brain from the random thoughts from time to time and plug in to your inner Consciousness of Baba's Presence in your heart, you will gradually evolve in your consciousness. That is what Baba wants from all of us. Evolving in our consciousness to realise that Baba is our very Being. Very existence. Very AMNESS. Take His Holy Name, and be free from all anxieties. Jai Guru Lokenath! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

The Depth of Baba’s Compassion

A devotee comes to Baba and cries in deep pain of the guilt she has been suffering with. Baba says, "Why do you think the sin is yours? It is I who am sitting in the root of your mind from where come all your desires. I take the responsibility of the transgressions. Go you are free now." Imagine the depth of Baba's compassion. Did you hear anyone saying anything like this in the world? Yes Baba is Love and forgiveness personified. Surrender to Baba's lotus feet and all is well. Jai Shiva Lokenath! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Baba Lokenath Meets None Other Than Himself

What does Baba Lokenath mean when he says "I have traveled in the hills and mountains, in the jungles and forests, all over the world, but could only see Myself. You will not understand why I love you all so much, why I am sharing your miseries and unhappiness." Of all species of life, it is only in humans and in the mind of humans that the question arises 'Who am I?" This is the prelude to a unique journey that humans accept at some point of time in life, to explore and experience the reality beyond all that appears on the peripheral physical manifestations. This journey is the ultimate journey of human manifestation. Only man can accept this challenge of walking a path that is beyond the mind to the world of complete transcendence, to the world beyond duality and multiplicity. Baba Lokenath traversed that path through the most intense penance, and Sadhana, both in the plains and in the snow capped Himalayas, to be the living Buddha. He made it very clear that he met none but himself, whom he saw as manifest in all of existence. This is the essence of Self-knowledge, where the yogi sees the world inseparable from his enlightened Self. Baba said, "When I realized my Self, I felt a deep urge to heal those who are suffering in this world", this is the natural state of a compassionate Master. He was like living Shiva who has come down from his astral heights to the physical world to hold the seekers by hand and take them to the their inner world of peace and blessedness. Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Baba’s Pictures Are Baba Lokenath Himself!

Baba's pictures are not pictures but Baba himself. Anyone who with trust and faith in Baba cries before Baba's picture or murthy, Baba instantly manifests as divine Grace and protection. The devotee can feel Baba's invisible hands of compassion and love taking care of him or her. Surrender to Baba and Baba takes care. Jai Baba Lokenath! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari