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Shreecharaneshu Baba,This is Sudipta Biswas writting to you from Kalyani, Nadia.Baba, we are two sisters.I am the younger one and my elder sister is already married,in the last year.It was a love marriage.But after the marriage the ‘love ‘between them seems to vanish out and her husband behaves very rudely with her.Her in-laws also are not at all behaving properly with her.Recently she has got agirl child and is residing with us, i.e. in her parental house along with her husband and daughter.Baba,she is very much upset and feels very disheartened.But she has been all along a devotee of Shri Shri Baba Lokenath.Seeing all these things my parents are also suffering from constant worries andanxiety and always remains in sadness.This is causing deterioration of their health as well.My sister’s husband is engaged in a chain marketting and his earning is also not enough for his fasmily.In the meantime my marriage has also been fixed and the groom’s parents are willing to arrange the marriage by the end of 2010.I am really scared that if this situation comes to my life also, then how will my parents live,for they are already very sad and worried at heart ?More so because I do not have a permanent job,though I am trying for it,sincerely.Baba, I am really helpless and do not know what to do?I would earnestly request you to kindly send me your advice and blessings so that we can get rid of this complecated situation.Conveying our bhaktipurna pronam to you.Sudipta Biswas
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Baba, Pranams
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