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Respected Baba, Bijoyar Pronam. I feel blessed, blessed and blessed to have this webpage in my life. It seems to me that I am talking to you in different voices and you are trying to make me understand patiently and affectionately. Its near about one and half year I have been connected with you and I feel its a complete transformation of my entire personality and perception, to me its a new birth. Baba, now I can see my thoughts (wanted , unwanted) are coming and making me happy or sad, roaming around me to see – how I behave with them? – and most IMPORTANTLY are GOING AWAY. I deeply feel, all negatiove energies have lost their force to build home inside me.I have almost lost the passion to nurture happiness as I have learnt to see the transitory side of everything. The word – you talk about–Miracle, I have experienced it in my life. Unbelievable changes are seen in different persons negative attitude which were almost impossible whenever I have tried to change them but after changing myself – its totally a complete differetn world. Baba, sometimes I want to ask you – Who exactly you are?Just few days before puja I visited your Kalighat project and for the first time sat on the road side and served food to the people, unexplainable joy it was , could not control my tears to see their situation.I am trying to learn how to uncondition my mind and to be an instrument of HIS wish – its really difficult but not impossible . Ami parbo to Baba? I have to go a long way only to understand what sperituality is – – NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE – NEVER EVER LEAVE US ALONE. As we all know Baba Lokenath is always shining in our heart, we all do believe – you are the mentor , holding our hands to feel the divine presence.lOKENATH BABAr theke APONJAN aar ke aache? Majhe majhe jokhon dookho hoto BABAr photo joriye dhore onek onek kedechi, BABA ke bhalobesheche jemon, bokeochi temon, mone hoyeche BABA shunchen, BABA chara je prithebi andhakar lage – Turly BABA has heard, taito Apner sathe parichoy aar paath chola. Madhumita
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