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My Dear DADA, I know all about you,I know you are the direct physical embodiment of BABA and you are authorized and assigned to do HIS work. I’m in Kolkata, but we never met…I am Nupur and today my only identity is I am a very loving daughter of BABA LOKENATH…I am solely dependant on him…on 1st May I was going through your QA pages of your blog and I had a strong desire to meet you in person and touch your feet and open my heart to you….and last night I saw you in my dream…as I am touching your feet and you are blessing me with lot of love and affection…so in the morning I felt so happy inside…I cant describe my feelings..as I am a very touchy and emotional person…if I start telling you about BABA it will never end….and you can very well understand my feelings. BABA is Only One for me…Only HE loves me..and I love HIM with all my heart….HE is My Last Capital, My LAST Resort and My only pride is that I am a very loving daughter of BABA SRI SRI LOKENATH BRAHMACHARI and my father’s name carries a lot…..HE is always with ME…the way HE saved my life from every possible danger and mishap…If I now start to tell you the whole story …you ‘ll be amazed and astonished !! I have seen all HIS miracles in my life…..DADA he is my BABA..only HE is the one who is with me Always…when I cry out in pain He is the one who relieves all my pain….he is no GOD to me…He is my BABA…my darling father..I am just a small child in his lap…… I am very much connected to BABA……..and today I am here…talking to you…becos of BABA…cos he is within my soul
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baba, may i come tomorrow in the evening.sayani.
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Respected Baba, Yesterday, I got an oppertunity to gothrough the whole site of this ‘Divine Life Mission’. For the first time I came to know indetail about ‘Bhajan Brahmachari’ – You are so lucky that you got the chance to accompany this great person. IO have felt the strong presence of ‘Baba’ for many times but I have never seen him in front. In some time of my life I facedsuch a horrible position that I can’t explain you here but baba, still I can’t realise if ‘He’ would not helped me then what could have been my condition.I think I am still leaving in a quite uncontious state of mind so whether I am aware or unware —I was aware or unware —–everytime I holded him firmly, very firmly because therewere nobody else to share my feelings. One thing —-I have never tried to hide any of my feeling to ‘Baba’. Everyone tells that I am a very friendly person–full of life, but I know that I can laugh , laugh & laugh when my heart is crying very badly within , basically I am very much introvert about myself and can only open up myself infront of my best friend -‘Baba’.I want to go more closer to HIM. If our regular outside environment creats constraints to spend time more with Baba ——should we leave that place? to change myself —requirs agood deal of practice & time also so I dare not to loose my track anymore, please show me light, show me light. I will definitely try to follow your words but it is tough to be so compassionate but I BELIEVE — I CAN , I WILL, I MUST DO IT. i NEED YOU ASSISTENCE—–BE THERE WITH ME. ONEK AASHIRBAD KORBEN. Pronem–Madhumita
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