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Respected Baba, Thanks a lot for the lovely blessing you showered upon me. Baba, I would like to ask you one question as a representative of many others – is it possible to compile the meditation parts of ‘Mon Cholo’ in CDs with your voice so that one can listen and concentrate on the words to feel one at a time? Your voice has got an inexpressible soothing quality which instantly can calm down the unbridled mind. I have taken copies of many questions and answers of this webpage and given it to the people are in need – surprisingly everyone wants to know more, the common feedback is —– "its a great relief".Will you please tell us something about UNWAVERING FAITH. My grandfather (mother’s father), a blind devotee of Lokenath Baba, till his last breath used to say very often "Tomar jai hok Baba, Tomar jai hok" who had to face huge obstacles and grief throughout his life. After that how it was possible for him to say like that —– It has been the haunting question of my mind since childhood.I used to say him – throw all this pictures of Lokenath Baba, He can’t listen – why is he giving you so much physical pain? He used to say me — please don’t say like that , Baba is taking my exam, Baba wants to know how much I love him. My grandfather passed away in 1993, after so many years I feel now I am gradually understanding that upto what extent his love was unconditional for Baba Lokenath. Is this called unwavering faith? Please bless me baba, so that I can have Patience in this journy. Pronam – Madhumita
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Of course dear friend, if sorry if i have offended u. I am also a dust of Babas feet and. just the way you put the question made me feel that it was not as respectful That is the only reason why i wrote . As for your name, i do not know your name. had i known your name and e mail id may be i would have chosen to write on your personal e mail. Not a public blog. I saw Ronit ji going for the name Bhrama so i too opted for the same. My deepest apologies for that. Apart from that your question is really an interesting one, one that i am also having in my mind, how did the creation eventually start ad what will happen after it dissolves..various religions and sects give their own answers, but most of the times their answers are either outright illogical, or self contradictory even when logical. I too am waiting for Babas answer to that. . I do not know you so there is no way of me knowing of your spiritual status, apart from the fact that i am just a devotee of Baba who is far too ignorant to have poses this kind of capacity to judge anyone. Yes, Babas love for us us that of a heavenly mother, what he does for us is not an ordeal in his own words. I was not so happy about the way the question was put so i felt free to pen something down. May be i should have not written anything at all, and i hope Baba would pardon me for this. Sorry for the entire misunderstanding. My deepest apologies for everything. So i ask for oirgiveness from Baba too. Jai baba Lokenath
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