Baba’s Tirodhan Dibosh this year is on Thursday, June 2, 2016


On the 19th Day Jaistha of the Bengali Calendar 1297 (June 2, 1890) Sunday, as was declared by Baba Himself that He would leave his body, in the midst of hundreds of devotees who gathered at the Ashram at Baradi from early hours, Baba spoke to them His eternal Words of Assurance, and fed all the devotees with His hands and then went inside His Ashan Ghar, (cottage) and sat in his usual Gomukhasana posture, His eyes, non blinking and full of compassion for all of humanity, and then it drifted to the World Beyond. He sat in deepest absorption and around 11-40 am He left His Divine body for the Eternal Abode which is the heart of every creature on this mother earth. His did not die as ordinary mortals do, He took His mahasamadhi which is to break the barriers of the body and embody in every human soul.