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Mental tensions
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Will i overcome my financial troubles
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Regarding my future life
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Fearless Life
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Aamar shradhapurna pronam grohon korben. I have met with you at the age of of 17 through one book written by you on ‘Baba’. My mother gifted me this book on my birthday. I am 32 now and till today have not received any precious gift like that book.I wanted to meet with you since then but it was my misfortune that hold me far away from you since so many years. I cannot exactly remenber from when I have started keeping Baba’s locket with me as I was too little when my mother gave me that . I can’t think my life without Baba’s presence. I always feel ‘He’ is always there with me.Whenever I have to do take any decision, have to do any work which needs to prove my efficiency – I just utter Joy baba lokenath, joy ma lokenath, joy shiva lokenath, joy guru lokenath, joy brahma lokenath – Where from I get courage, I feel fearless – I don’t know , I feel ‘Baba is sitting beside me. Sometime I was in very troublesome situation, I used to take ‘Baba’s ‘ photograph & hold it firmly with my heart – believe me I always felt that I am holding my mother , my father or someone who is much more nearer or dearer than anybody in this world.But I am a very very simple girl so as I loved ‘Baba’ from the bottom of my heart and when there was something wrong I was very sentimental with ‘him.’ But after some days I realised that that I can’t walk a single step without ‘him’. I don’t know how to walk alone. I have just now gone through some of yours answers to Bhaktas and I also believe that there is no word called ‘satisfaction’. It’s our imagination that we are satisfied but for the time being, after that it seems to me we are running after something else for more satisfaction. My respected Baba, I have lots of problem like each & everyone here in this world, I think with through your hand of blessing I can get the touch of devine . So eagerly waiting to meet you. I have come to know that you are very busy for some days, so please let me know on what day I can go & visit you. I want your constant guidance. I believe when Lokenath Baba has said me that ‘he’ will save us – ‘He’ obviously will save us. Will you please meet me once? Regards, Madhumita
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Dear Babaji Pranam, I am very happy to see your kind reply. My parents are too very Happy that i can\’t explain their feelings. Baba Lokanath ji and you are remembered every time , i still remember the kirtans and lunch with you on banana leaves at Baba Loknath Dham.A long time has passed. We all suffered a lot between this time first my mother became ill for around 10 years i was lonely and helpless in my growing years then in 1997 my father retired from service and in the same year i fell ill for around 7 years he spent all his money on my treatment.Then any how by the grace of Almighty i was able to live normal life again and completeted my graduation and post graduation by the year 2005. Five years ago i got married, now a days i am in Allahabad and doing my Ph.D in Paleobotany from Allahabad University. As i am the only child of my parents so they live with me most of the time and also look after my 4 yrs. daughter. As i have to go university from 9am to 5 pm. Life is still not so easy for me i will tell you later on.My mother\’s health is still weak and father also got some eye problem and age related problems. I do not want to leave them alone in old age so i insist them to live with me. My parents are too happy to know about you.They just want to meet and talk to you also Mata ji and Vishnupriya ji. My father is asking about your plans for coming mountain retreat ? We all are eager to meet you or can we vist you at any other place please tell us.Thank you very muchRegardsAnkur
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