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BABA…., …I had had an emergency left ovarian cyst operation 21 yrs back.After that I could not regain my health and I was not able to do any strenous work .For the last few years I started having pain around my right abdomen area …..I left my job in 2007 as my health didn’t permit. I didn’t feel like going to a Doctor….as I solely depend on BABA LOKENATH and I know Only HE can relieve my pain .cos He is my Father,He is my mother, He is My Everything….In the last week of May 2010, that acute pain started again.. but I strongly told BABA…’’I will not go to see a Doctor, you have to relieve my pain…or you finish my life”.. and I sat in the asana in front of BABA despite that pain…Then as a result of 1/2hour at a stretch sitting on the ground every day,….. severe pain started….On 27th May ,Purnima day….I was down in the bed crying,closing my eyes…..and I suddenly felt BABA all around me!!!I could see HIM ,sitting next to me and fondly loving me…’’Aami to tor aachhi re Maa, tor bhoi ki ? tui bhaalo hoe jaabi..tor byatha kome jaabe”….as if I am in a trance…then I fell asleep…and in the morning … gradually the pain started decreasing…and on the 3rd June BABA gave me complete fitness !!…I did BABA’s Puja..sitting on the ground for at stretch 3 hours…then I went to BABA ‘s Ashram …after a long time I went out….Baba,in the evening I also sat infront of you for about 2 hours and listened to your soul elevating speech for the first time…I wrote a mail to your gmail describing my feelings. Baba, give me the strength to receive your infinite Love and blessings.Baba, accept my heart felt pronaams to your lotus feet….JOY BABA LOKENATH …….Nupur
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