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Shuvro :Why it is so difficult to control our mind?
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Shreecharaneshu Baba,Please accept my pronam on behalf of everyone of our family and my heartful of thanks for kindly writting to me and giving me your advice.We shall surely come for your darshan at ashree Baba’s temple at Kasba.Baba I would earnestly request you to kindly show me the way out of another serious problem which I have been suffering from for quite a long years.It began after my uncle,(the youngest brother of my father)passed away, suddenly and untimely about 8 yrs ago.It was so sudden and unexcepted to all of us.From then onwards I have a peculiar feeling .Whenever I go to do something ,be it applying for an exam for job or going to some place or buying a new dress, I often feel that something bad may happen ,like someone may die ,specially whom I love most.When I think logically, I sometimes feel that these are all meaningless feelings but even then I do not get the strength to overcome this feeling and do that particular work.This in turn increases my depression and I have lost many a chance of job related oriented exams in the process.I really donot know how to get rid of this problem.Baba, this problem had reduced to quite a great extent in the recent past but this fear is again grabbing amidst this stressful situation after my elder sister’s marriage and more so on seeing the deterioration of health of my parents under this stressful situation.Please bless me, baba so that I can get out of this bad mental condition and live a fruitful life withShree Baba’s grace.Once again I convey my bhaktipurna pronam to you on behalf of everyone of my family.Sudipta Biswas,Kalyani,Nadia
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about initiation/bikash
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Sreecharaneshu Baba. Shato Shato pronam apnaar charone. Baba, I am blessed to receive your answer. Baba, sometimes back I told you that myself and my family members are looking for proposed bride for my marriage. For last quite a few weeks I came in touch with a girl. We saw each other, shared e-mails and talked over phone also. But for last 2-3 mails she was sending mails in such a way , addressing me in such a way, that I became mentally too weak for her. I thought that she has finalised me as his proposed groom. But suddenly she sent last mail telling that she liked my sincerity, my sense of responsibility, my clearmindedness, my integrity. But we both are not made for each other and so she wants to stop communication and can not proceed more. Then I asked her what is the reason that suddenly she stopped proceedings after sending such mails. But she did not answer. For the time being I was feeling so bad and broken because I became weak and committed. But very fast I regained myself feeling that Baba Lokenath has potected me only and not selected her for me as He always wants the best for under any circumstances. And whatever He will choose for me will be best for me and she will definitely come to my life in future. I am sure of it. But Baba, can I ask you if something is not for me, then why those things come to my life, give so much enjoyment and leave giving so much pain? Baba at least say some words, as nowadays your words and Baba Lokenath’s promises in the site are playing crucial role in my life so that I have already succeeded in leaving many of my mental tensions and worries at the Lotus feet of Baba Lokenath. Waiting eagerly for your answer. Please accept my pronam. Indranil
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