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Respected Baba, need your help to make my home peaceful. I live in a joint family. All members of my family are compassionate and simple except one sister-in-law(husband’s elder brother’s wife). She doesn’t only like to live in an isolated world but also talks nonsence to everybody, doesn’t even care the age of the elders.We have always tried to keep quiet but she just makes the situation so much worst that it seems to me —we are giving a test of our patience every moment. I feel sick as I can’t say anybody rough words and can’t believe that how one can be so selfcentered. I am not at all habituated with all this. I can compromise with any condition but with my self esteem.Sometime I have to stay to my parents home as I really become sick, I don’t have the capacity to make her understand. Not only me but every member of my family are in really bad position. She doesn’t care anybody. I feel confined in this home, it has become a nightmare to live here. My mother-in-law is a very simple & motherly woman, she loves me & my another sister-in-law very much, but she is feeling helpless. Being only child of my parents I get the oppurtunity to live in my parents home, but I don’t want. I wanted to buy a new flat but my mother & mother-in-law both are not supporting me. Basically I am a person who always try to do something for others, sometime my doesnot permit but still I can’t think of my own advantage, don’t want to create any problems for anyone but unfortunately I also don’t have the capacity to please her. She is always ready to insult me and others. Rest of my family members have accepted this fact but to me ‘home’ will be there – where the heart is. It is not only creating disturbance to lead a healthy life with my husband but it itakes me far away form my inner piece where My ‘ Dearest Baba’ lives. I am trying to follow your every word but something is there for what I have lost my entire interest to live there. How to overcome this situation? I will be very much thankful if you give me suggestion. ‘Baba’is my only shakti to survive in this world, I don’t like to create distance anyway with him. I don’t have any interest in property. I am ready to sacrifice home, business everything for her but I want piece. Though My husband is involved in family business but if ‘Baba’ is there with me then I think it will not be very tough for both of us to start a new business. I was never a very ambituous 7 wanted to pursue my carrier in music and fine arts but after marriage – the adversity of my family allowed me to think my life in some other way. It is ‘Baba -r’ kripa that I have got this job. It’s not my efficiency but its ‘Baba’ has taken me here. Please stay with me. Pronam – Madhumita
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