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Beloved Baba, I am having a very strange aspiration. I had this aspiration before also. But it is growing stronger now. As expected you advise Guru to be the Highest of the Highest and His grace to be the most omnipotent medicine for all our troubles and sufferings.And not only me, but many other have also acknowledged Baba Lokenath as the living Shiva himself who can never forsake us and who is again the Highest Power. Then why cant we drop all the techniques and all other philosophies and then surrender to Baba Himself? If Baba is all in all, then what is the point in us hankering after mental toys and acrobatics and then again come back and fall at his feet when something goes wrong?you advised effort and surrender to go hand in hand.But with effort always also comes the desire for the result.i dont see how it is possible to have any effort without desire.but if we surrender to baba, leave all other cleverness and just stick to chanting his name and singing his name and glory, then we already know that Baba is with us.And this effort will also not hamper in our surrender.Since it is anyway to him i go at the final moment, at the helpless moment, i am aspiring the serve Him who has been my savior.So thus, i am also wanting to drop everything else, and just stick to chanting his name and loving him and surrendering to HIm.And if in the process of chanting his name and glory if i do need a Guru diksha for chanting his mantra, then also it will be in his own sweet time and will to give everything else that is needed.Because doing anything else seems pointless…and futile..He is infinite.I have been having this idea from quite some time.But i waited till it was strong enought to manifest in words….Please correct me if i am wrongAlways at your feeSarvesh
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is there any organization/comittee of baba running in Bangalore
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