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Beloved Baba, I am so happy you asked me this.I was wanting to ask this from so many days.Yes i am still in China,I in a province called Sichuan,The provincial capital Is Chengdu.The university is located in Chengdu-SIchuan University-West China Medical School.The nearest bordering province we are familiar with is Tibet.I still have three semester left.That is, i will finish my postgraduate studies by Jan 2013.As,for what next Baba, i wanted to ask you.One remote possibility is continuing with PhD in China.I am not so much inclined towards it for the time being.India would not be so much of a choice because though i do have an Indian registration and license for practicing as a doctor, i believe Medical Council of India has not yet recognized postgraduate degree from China( which is surprising because there are hundreds of undergraduate Indian students studying here- for the reason that undergraduate courses are long back recognized).This implies that i might be able to work in private hospitals but not in government hospitals or medical colleges.My parents and the rest of the family are still in USA, however the process of we getting the green card is taking too long than expected and we do not know how much longer it might take. Anyway, if i am to go to america and practice there as a doctor i will still have to clear their licensing examination and start with my postgraduate studies, which they call residency all over again.The work and experience that i have done here in Radiology will not be valid there, at the most they might agree to allow me to do residency in radiology itself-keeping in mind my previous experience,That is because, as far as i heard, radiology is a highly demanded and sought for subject even among the american graduates.My wife and daughter are in Kathmandu.Though life in USA would be secure in many aspects i would also like to work in Nepal and do whatever i can as a doctor, and God willing, render any service Baba thinks i am capable of.There is nothing much i can give to people in america as much as i can serve people in my own country.But at the same time i am also anxious about the precarious downward spiral that the country is going through-political and economical instability, lack of proper security protocols, extortion, ransoms, bribery—i wonder how it would be possible for anyone to work with a noble ideology in such conditions.But at the same time i believe it depends on Baba, His is the supreme. If He wants me to work in and for my own motherland, then He will also take care of these petty things.I am planning to go to Kathmandu on the last week of September for about a month.I really hope i can make it to Calcutta that time.Humble PranamsSarvesh
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Respected Baba, Thanks a lot for the lovely blessing you showered upon me. Baba, I would like to ask you one question as a representative of many others – is it possible to compile the meditation parts of ‘Mon Cholo’ in CDs with your voice so that one can listen and concentrate on the words to feel one at a time? Your voice has got an inexpressible soothing quality which instantly can calm down the unbridled mind. I have taken copies of many questions and answers of this webpage and given it to the people are in need – surprisingly everyone wants to know more, the common feedback is —– "its a great relief".Will you please tell us something about UNWAVERING FAITH. My grandfather (mother’s father), a blind devotee of Lokenath Baba, till his last breath used to say very often "Tomar jai hok Baba, Tomar jai hok" who had to face huge obstacles and grief throughout his life. After that how it was possible for him to say like that —– It has been the haunting question of my mind since childhood.I used to say him – throw all this pictures of Lokenath Baba, He can’t listen – why is he giving you so much physical pain? He used to say me — please don’t say like that , Baba is taking my exam, Baba wants to know how much I love him. My grandfather passed away in 1993, after so many years I feel now I am gradually understanding that upto what extent his love was unconditional for Baba Lokenath. Is this called unwavering faith? Please bless me baba, so that I can have Patience in this journy. Pronam – Madhumita
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Baba i m ready to come whrevar u want me… Where is Kasba?
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