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Dearest and beloved baba, I agree with Jaya’s comment that world is not short of good people. In fact I feel that if we really think deep all people are inherently good at heart. All people actually loves all other people. That is why social evolution saw growth of communities, towns, cities .. and on larger scale states and countries. I believe today’s borders of countries will also dissolve into one borderless world community the day we start understanding people of the so called man made other countries. Moreover I think we as people are bound to naturally love rest of people as we are all from God. Not loving is is un-natural and needs correction of energies.Fortunately or unfortunately this Universe exists on "Duality". Talk of two poles of earth’s magnet or electrons, positrons or just the -ve and +ve energies we all succumb to. Even when say that our thoughts are absolutely neutral, it actually is a state which has achieved equal combination of the both. That is perhaps God’s conceptual foundation. God has kept the door open unlocked, so the flow of both these energies is in constant flux or change. God has also given "mind" to control the above flow as a gatekeeper. And this freedom to move anywhere with the flow gets us all in trouble if do not steer it in the right direction. Here comes the question that at times do we do not know which is the right direction as we are not able to see beyond a certain distance. Because external situations are all created by God to see how we play it out. Interestingly these situations are macro outcome of several micro activities of general people or mass of people each dealing with same sort of energies. That is the time when we get back to God with the question, we do introspection, we silently pray, we connect and only if we are able to ‘connect’ back to the Lotus feet, we find the solution or the prayer is heeded.And here is my question to our beloved baba – though I have been able to connect and get solutions from Lotus feet of Loknathbaba in the past, but sometimes when the problem situation is solely personal, for example the recent issue of finding a suitable job, it is not happening. Beloved baba, as you have replied (19 Mar) and asked me to hold fast to the Lotus feet of the Lord and cry for His compassion, sometimes I think it becomes difficult because I feel I am asking God for shelfish gain for my family… may be this is the reason why I am not getting the ‘connection bhav’ established with God. Beloved baba please keep us under your umbrella and help us. Heartfelt Pranaan and at your feet. Samit Misra from Hyderabad.
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Dear Baba ShuddhaanandaaI am 45 years old and live in Australia. I have a job I like and am very fortunate to have. It is fulfilling a purpose, but is not my vocation. I am also studying to teach yoga. I am transitioning towards working in my vocation, which I think is to help people appreciate their creative essence through the path of yoga and dance. I have dabbled at the edges for a long time. It is now time to step more boldly into the centre of a meaningful and purpose-filled life. Which means I now have to learn to appreciate my own creative essence!Since the beginning of this year I have begun to embark on my spiritual journey in earnest. For the first time I am embracing my spiritual nature without embarrassment, and endeavouring to learn how to live in alignment with my higher being. I am lucky to be finding good guides to assist me in this new and challenging way of being. It’s the most difficult thing I’ve ever done, yet I feel more committed than I’ve ever felt.You are one of the guides I feel lucky to have found. About 4 months ago I downloaded a podcast interview with Michael Toms (from 1996 I think) from New Dimensions Media. I listened to you and for the first time in my life I heard someone who spoke the truth in a way that I could hear it. I have listened to that interview about 4 times now. I’ve cried openly and deeply with relief for hearing someone speak who I can trust, who offers a link between me and my higher nature.I also cry because I wonder if I could ever really have the guts to surrender my life to Spirit. Could I ever know how to really listen to right guidance, and not be caught up in my ego? Could I ever love myself enough to know that I have something of worth with which to help others? Could I love myself enough to know that I am worthy of the honour of teaching?I have your book, Making Your Mind Your Best Friend. I am slowly reading it and adopting the practices little by little. I know it will help me through these questions. I practise yoga and meditation every day. But faith and trust, I am not so diligent with. As you say in your book, if I have practised negative mind for such a long time, I will have to practise positive mind for just as long to overcome the negative habit.Do you know when you will come to Australia again? (You were here just before I found the podcast!) How can I be informed of any visits you might make here? And is it possible one day to come to India and serve in your mission for a short time (a month or so) and have the opportunity of meeting you? I would be happy if you put me in touch with your mission to pursue these questions.Thank you for sharing your wisdom. I hope I can write to you again in 6 months to tell you the practices continue to bring me closer to my Self and closer to Divine Love.NamasteAnn-maree
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