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QuestionsCategory: Yoga
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Bramhacharja paloner upay bolun ?
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how shall i loknath joga with picture
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Respected Baba, pranam, I have read your answer. I am waiting for ur visit to Bhubaneswar anxiously in the month of Jyly. pl.clearly tell me about the divine as the ultimate reality. what is divinity? what is right and wrong, what is the absolute one and how can i understand or percieve all these clearly. Baba, regarding surrender and love pl. teach me detail how to surrender. regarding breath how can i understand the breath, beyond breath is there any other ultimate reality in the universe? Baba, regarding materialistic life, whether any one can live for ever with this physical body? If not what about the 7 heros in the sastra and for the present cycle Mahavatar Babaji, Have you ever seen Babaji? Birth and death are must but how a man can get rid of from these cycle. As birth leads to death similarly death leads to birth after the end of sanskars. where is the problem to live in this physical body for ever with contact to the supreme being just like mahavatar baba, baba trailanga or baba lokanath. ananda/ pleasure is the ultimate reality. whatever a man does this is only for happiness of th self. how can i identify the self and wht exactly the life/ self is? From Baba sri sri ravi sankar’s point of view gita is full of contradiction and from krishnanda’s point of view life is full of cotradiction, actually all these are right? whether everything is contradiction in relation to the time and place. Baba help me and illuminate all my darkness with all your radiant power. pl. excuse me for writing such and such words. Pranam Baba. Bibhu. I am eagerly waiting for you. Pranam. Bhubaneswar
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How can i join Satsang
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can i awake my kundalini without guru
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