His Gurudev

Sadguru Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari was born in 1925 in Ririkhal village, presently in Bangladesh. His parents gave him the name Amal. From early childhood he was always sick and deeply introverted. His longing for God was expressed in his play in making beautiful idols of Gods and offering his worships in silence. His mother, Priyabala Bose, once went to meet the great yogi of Haridwar, Sri Bholagiri Maharaj, who lovingly took the child on his lap and said, "You are Siva's child, you are Siva, why have you come here?" Turning to Priyabala, the sage said with compassion, "Don't worry about his health, he will be all right, but he is not born to be a householder, don't ever try to bind him to the worldly life".


One day, Amal, who was fondly called Ranu by his parents, was very sick. He was almost dying. All hopes were given up. Then, out of the blue, an old saintly woman with long matted hair appeared at their door, expressing her wish to see the child, as if she knew everything! She was in a hurry and said, "Let me quickly see my Haribhajan." When Priyabala, took the Bhairavi (Tantric yogini) inside, she went straight to the bedside where Ranu was lying unconscious. She looked at the child with an eye of compassion and healing and said, "Quickly get me a pot of Ganges water". The water was brought and the Yogini sprinkled the water on Ranu's face and body, murmuring some occult mantras. In no time the child's condition improved. Bhairavi instructed them, "From now on call him as Haribhajan. He will be popular in the world by that name. From then on, he was called Bhajan, a shortened form of Haribhajan.


sIn later years, while studying in the school and in the college, Bhajan used to disappear from time to time, only to return again later. On these occasions, he would go into isolation for deep meditation and to be in the company of saints and sages. Bhajanbaba, said, "Baba Lokenath followed me as a shadow all through my spiritual life. He would manifest in the gross body and give me instructions in the path of Yoga."


sOnce when Bhajanbaba was traveling in a train from Delhi to Mathura without a ticket, he was caught. The ticket collector threatened him, saying that if he would not get down from the train, he would throw him from the running train. The train was moving and he was about to jump. The ticket checker caught him from behind and pulled him back inside the train. In a voice mixed with awe and humility he said "Who is with you?" Bhajanbaba said, "You and God". "Does your God look like a tall man with matted hair and fixed eyes? He appeared from nowhere and with anger in his voice said "What are you doing? Take him safely to Vrindavan."


In Vrindavan, at the Banke Bihari's (Lord Krishna) Temple, he did the deepest penance and was in Samadhi for days until he attained Self-realization. The ticket collector became his first disciple. Finally, he came to Calcutta and, as the honey bees were attracted to the fresh bloomed fragrant lotus, he gave the devotees who came to him shelter and direction on treading the path of love and devotion to God. He initiated thousands of seekers in the path of Bhakti Yoga and Japa Yoga. He had the most melodious divine voice and would go into ecstatic samadhi while singing bhajans (devotional chants).


Miracles were natural manifestations of this God-intoxicated saint of simplicity and humility. Siddhis (yogic powers) served him as obedient servants. There are hundreds of stories of his miraculous powers of healing and of protecting his disciples and devotees from danger and disasters. His simple teaching has been, "Always take the name of the Lord in your heart and keep doing your duties. Japa yoga (repeating the Divine Name) is the simplest way to reach God and self-realization in this difficult age when other forms of disciplines are difficult and at times risky. Have faith in God and Guru and keep practicing the Japa with all your heart and trust in the Grace of the Guru. You will surely reach Home, your original abode of peace which you have been searching and seeking for many births." On the 6th of July, 1992, he left his mortal body. The child of Siva merged into Siva for good. He came to prove that to be enlightened you need to have the longing of your heart for the Divine, for where there is the deep urge, God manifests His Grace and opens the doors of realization of the highest reality of life.

Sri Sri Bhajan Baba in ecstasy