To the seeker of Truth, breath becomes the simplest place to begin the inner journey. The yogis of India have practiced the simple technique of watching the breath in order to calm the mind for thousands of years. Try it now and see how your mind becomes calm and quiet. How easily you become concentrated and focused.


When you observe your breath, you are closest to your Spirit. Your consciousness is deepening. Your energy is opening, harmonizing, flowing naturally and freely. You become meditative and contemplative.


Take a deep breath and exhale. Relax with the breath. Release all that you are holding on to into the space of letting go of the breath. Just smile. Offer everything into the rising and falling flow of the breath.


With each breath, see how easy it is to let go of your agitation, confusions and restlessness. Be at ease. Be your Self. Why add fuel to the fire of agitation? Why thicken the smoke of confusion with your unconscious, negative brooding?


To feel the spiritual glory of our inner being we need to pause in the midst of our busy schedules. Take a day, half-day, a few hours, or a few moments to be closest to your inner self, to be in silence. Turn off all communication devices. Be in the house, in the room, in the space of your contemplative willingness. Just be. Let go and move within. Instead of allowing the mind to plan and calculate, observe the mind and your breath as a witness, without any judgment. Grow in awareness of the energy around you. You may move to the garden, walk or sit, or do gardening with the awareness of the simplicity and beauty of nature.Commune in silence with the unspoken language of your heart. Feel the glory of the spirit within and around you. Be happy!


All beings on earth and the myriad of universes are eternally connected to the Divine Source. Each plant, each animal, each natural element, each human being, is a sublime manifestation of Divine Life, an exquisite incarnation of Divine Beauty and Divine Love.


We have no separate existence outside of God. When we do our duty without clinging or grasping the results, and only to please the Divine, then our life is filled with nectar-like grace. We easily give up our selfish, narrow will. We know the limitations of our separate existence and individual will.


Meditation is the path to discipline the mind. Meditation is training the mind to be mindful. Mindfulness is the bedrock, the foundation. To be present in the present moment, to receive the gift of the Presence within the moment, is the essence of Yoga. It is the art of living! 9. Good and bad experiences are not real. They are like the weather, ever-changing. Seek the one who experiences. Go deeper into the realm of inner spirit. View everything that happens from the ground of your spirit. This spiritual vision is cultivated through daily meditation, through the continuous effort to be awake and mindful. The light of the spirit can never fail. At times it may be dimmed, but it is unextinguishable. See and feel the Presence in the light of your Spirit. Then all your good and bad experiences will merge into the pure light of the One who experiences, the spirit within.


As a fruit drops off the tree on its own once it is fully ripe, so also humble spiritual practices and intense faith in God ripen the ego fully. It drops by itself. The dropping away of ego and enlightenment happen simultaneously. There is no time gap!


Live in the presence of the inner light of Wisdom, the light of conscience. Guru is that inner light. It is only in silence that we can have the glimpse of the Presence of the Divine within us. When the mind is agitated, clinging to some event of the past or apprehension of the future, it cannot dive deep into the realms of inner light and tranquillity. When we become conscious and aware of the Higher Reality, when we stand apart from all the chaotic thoughts. Without adding any more fuel to the fire of agitation, gradually a stillness is felt. Presence is felt. Harmony and peace expands in the silence of the heart.


There are many in this world who live on borrowed knowledge. It is true, we need information from every direction to enrich our understanding. But deeper understanding can come only through our own experience. Borrowed knowledge can be the starting point, but we need to move to the Source within us. We need to dive deep in the fathomless world of our own consciousness, through the practice of concentration and meditation, through prayer and awareness. As we grow in the light of our own consciousness, we will not be able to advise anyone about that which we do not practice ourselves.

When you observe your breath, you are closest to your Spirit. Your consciousness is deepening. Your energy is opening, harmonizing, flowing naturally and freely. You become meditative and contemplative.