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The magnetic eyes of Baba Lokenath.

Regain serenity, peace, happiness with Baba Lokenath.

No need to go to the Himalayas , with Baba Lokenath's grace fullfill all your desires.

Fullfill your desires by experiencing Baba's Divinity.

Feel Baba's Divine power flow and empower you.

Let Baba Lokenath's Divine Grace fill you with eternal happiness.

Let the rainbow of Baba's blessings brighten your life.

Reach out to Baba Lokenath and free yourself of all sorrows.

Baba Lokenath is here to free you from all gripping sorrows and miseries.

Baba Lokenath, the silver lining to all dark clouds.

Break the shakles of sorrow. Come to Baba Lokenath.


The magnetic eyes of Baba Lokenath.

Baba's divine grace to rescue you from all ills.

Bring bubbles of joy to your life with Baba's interactive screensaver.

Experience divine grace with this interactive screensaver.

Bath in Baba's Eternal Blessing.