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Experience the Divine Presence of Baba Lokenath



  • January 11, 2018
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Do you think things are going from bad to worse when you see what is happening all around? Are you losing hope in the future of mankind? Well let us not forget that the night is the darkest before the dawn. Would you nurture fear looking at the gloom around, or are you going to rejoice and wake up to welcome the dawn, the dawn of enlightened consciousness of peace and harmony? The choice is ours. As we think so we are!! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari



2 responses to “BABA SHUDDHAANANDAA”

  1. I am grateful. I read each of your comments with mindfulness as they resonate the core of my being. They are absorbed into each cell, nourishment for the soul.

  2. Soumen Dutta says:

    Very easy to understand. Thank you Baba

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