how fast is godspeed killua mph

Mate use your math 100 type move is like a leaver if you think about it, of course netero is faster. How fast is godspeed dc. Welcome to the forums! Dark Runestones also possess 50% effects of other Attributive Runestones. He needs to be faster than sound as even Kurapika can deal with bullets. Netero is about the ONLY 'old-man' in anime that has lived up to his hype, being cemented as the absolute strongest in the series, with no one ever having a chance of being stronger than him, unless he/she went through the same shit, not some 'whoops this is my power fuck you'. Following. Now the question is: can Killua while in Godspeed reach Netero in 0.1 seconds or less? So I don't see anything wrong with Kurapika--a skilled Nen user and martial artist--using the Dowsing chain to block bullets. Are you thinking Authors draw abritarily? Killua is my favorite character but he can't even completely outrun his butler. Team Skill: Extend Runestone-moving time by 1 second. Killua blitzed massively inferior characters to Post Rose Merurm himself. If Netero used his 100 type move, and Killua used his Godspeed and Whirlwind, who would be able to hit first? Take a second to look at our. Cowboy Bebop . Killua god speed / / Lv. From the get go, it's clear that this villain has already surpassed Barry in his abilities and will go on to be one of the greatest villains in the Flash's rogues gallery. View the profiles of people named Killua GodSpeed. How fast is godspeed in hunter x hunter. As mass approaches the speed of light it requires a significant amount of energy, so the only thing lacking in Killua's ability (for manga/anime's sake) is massive Nen consumption. 465. Followers. A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / wards / damage to objectives etc. Killua being 66 m/s with Kanmaru doesn't makes sense given his feats. Press J to jump to the feed. the Flash) who took on the serial killer persona Godspeed after obtaining Speed Force Powers after being struck by lightning. Although different neurons fire at different speeds, as a rough estimate it is reasonable to estimate that a neuron can fire about once every 5 milliseconds, or about 200 times a second. For those saying that 'omg Killua can travel at the speed of light', only light can travel as fast as the speed of light, and that's in a vacuum environment. My final answer: Netero is faster, but by a very small amount. From this point on, we need to try and figure out just how fast each of these actions is. A normal scenario would not have them so close to each other, however, and even then we can see in Netero's fight with Meruem that his motion of thank's speed can overcome even very short distances. There's nothing suggest Godspeed Killua would be able to compete with Post-Rose Meruem. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . Everyone else is trying to provide examples ands evidence from the series, but you looked at it from Togashi's point of view and I would have to agree. Godspeed first makes an appearance during one of Barry Allen's visions, claiming he would kill them all.. August Heart is a colleague of Barry Allen from the Central City Police Department.Heart's brother was murdered by a career criminal and his killer was let free due to the evidence being destroyed when Barry and his lab were struck by lightning. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Let's start by clearly defining what we're comparing. I'm only saying that because Shoto is like a 4 which means 100ish MPH top speed. The modern word godspeed derives from the expression God speed you on your way, which came about at a time when speed meant to prove successful or to prosper.That archaic sense of speed is long gone, but godspeed still means may you prosper on your way.It’s similar to good luck, though it’s often used in reference to people who have passed away. How fast is godspeed killua. He attacked so fast that Meruem was incapable of dodging. But you're welcome to believe that Oda and all the other mangaka spend time measuring what they draw and the pixels per panel, as though he intends to give us numbers to enter into various calculations. At least that's the impression that I get from how he built the Netero character to be. Let's assume that both parties are in the starting position; Netero has not yet completed a motion of thanks, Killua's Godspeed state is active, but he has not started moving yet, and both are now standing by. Godspeed (disambiguation) Edit. EDIT added: And Killua can't even get close to the 100 type, even though he is more agile, Netero would beat the shit out of him, because the 100 type has such a wide radius and Netero would have seen him comming long ago before he comes to strike. Godspeed is a colleague and old friend of Barry Allen (a.k.a. Speed of Lightning however Killua is in complete control and thus Netero wins for Sound is faster than Lightning and I actually think Killua isnt moving as fast as Lightning...yet, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the HunterXHunter community. You use the Active Skill to manually transform, but you can only do so once Killua has built up a Godspeed charge of 5 or more shit how do you justify hisoka catching gotoh's as fast as bullet coins then? I don't get how certain people believe supersonic speed is special in HxH at this point even though there's plenty of evidence to suggest the opposite. Even though Kurapika's arms can't move faster than sound, his chain can. If both enemies are a set distance away, these are the 2 actions at stake: Killua, while under Godspeed and on foot, running towards Netero and landing a simple physical attack. I don't think he actually stopped them with his bare hands; that was just him fooling around, just like he did with his celestial tower opponent. Tenya Iida is a 5 on Speed and can only go 200 MPH. I also think Togashi himself wouldn't like that. Safety association usa 2 … But let me try and break it down the best I can. Sometimes even to the point of incredulity. It also depends on the amount of distance between them; if Killua is right in front of Netero, he stands a much better chance of being able to have an attack connect before Netero completes his motion. Really good point with Zitoh, can't explain around that, he's either just that fast or Togashi is inconsistent. Killua is EASILY one of the most broken characters in this game. Love how you viewed it that way, and not that he needed to strengthen his Dowsing Chain along with activating its ability. What's worse is that they're using speculation and 'author intent' to fuel their arguments. ^I did went overboard with that statement but it doesn't matter as all I wanted to prove was if we take 66 m/s killua at face value then the pitou vs gon fight would be over by the time killua got there. No, that was Netero long time ago before he seems to have reached anywhere near his peak status.

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