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A trouble-making 12-year-old boy named Billy (Shane Sinutko), claiming to be homeless, wins the girls' sympathy and moves into the apartment, causing problems for Jack after he escapes from his foster home due to his foster parents making him do chores before going outside to play. When the critic assures Jack the review will be favorable, Jack tries to retrieve the letter from the critic's desk. When two single girls need a roommate to share their Santa Monica apartment, they decide to offer a room to the guy they find passed out in the bathtub after the going-away party for their last roommate. Jack has a toothache so Terri arranges for her guy to see him. Larry returns home after a big date goes bad and Janet decides to cheer him up. Cromwell then attempts to win over Jack and Janet by giving them lavish gifts. Hijinks ensue. A customer of the flower shop names Janet in his will, and she receives a vase. Major cast changes. Suzanne Somers, in her role of Chrissy, makes a cameo appearance in the episode's tag. Find episode on: AD . Jack takes another man's name in order to get hired for a job unaware of all the trouble that comes along with it. Overhearing this telephone conversation, coupled with the grudge Cindy is holding on Doug for betraying her, Jack and Janet mistakenly believe Doug had gotten Cindy pregnant and abandoned her. Instead, Vicky suggests that she and Jack live together; but Jack wants something more, which leads to a second breakup. (Richard Kline does not appear in this episode). Jack is concerned, but Larry keeps egging the boyfriend into a fight. The guy is impressed with Jack that he makes him the new building manager leaving Furley out in the cold. my shows | like | set your list Three's Company (a Titles & Air Dates Guide) Last updated: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 -1:00. With John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers, Richard Kline. Once safe, Jack worries because Furley knows the truth about him. Larry wants to use Chrissy's projector to screen a porno film he purchased for $50 from a stranger, which Jack and Mr. Roper want to view. Although Mrs. Roper chides Mr. Roper about going back on his word to the dealer, Mr. Wagstaff, Mr. Roper takes the trio's offer of slightly more cash. He finds out from the delivery boy that she sent them to herself. A guide listing the titles AND air dates for episodes of the TV series Three's Company. In an effort to honor his word, Jack attempts to attend 3 different occasions, in 3 different apartments, all on the same night. This page lists all of the episodes aired during the fourth season of the popular ABC-TV sitcom series Three's Company, which ran on the network from 1977 to 1984. Jack and Larry notice a gorgeous woman at the bar, but also notice her dangerously jealous boyfriend. When Jack attends a charity ball with a socialite and loses $15,000 gambling, Larry and the girls attempt to help him recover the money. Jack then sells encyclopedias as an alternative. Jack's principles are at stake when he is hired as a male model and learns he is to pose nude for a magazine centerfold, so he quits. Mrs. Roper reveals that she knows Lloyd's wife, which sends Jack and Janet rushing back to the apartment to break up Chrissy's romance. This episode is based on the episode "Colour Me Yellow" from Man About the House. Chrissy and Janet pretend that they are the apartment's only residents and he is not told who Jack is. Misinterpreting this, Mr. Roper believes Chrissy is pregnant and wants an abortion, when actually she wants to get rid of a wart on her arm. Just as they start to kiss, Vicky's father barges into the room, announcing that he has bought the restaurant from Mr. Angelino and he becomes Jack and Vicky's new landlord. The trio, believing a burglar has stolen their rent money, frantically try to avoid Mr. Roper until they can replace it. Although the ratings of the show improved somewhat during the fifth season, the writing just wasn't up to snuff anymore. However, Miller's other reputation as a gambler and philanderer catches up to Jack on his first night on the job. After a night on the town with his old navy buddies, Jack discovers he has a tattoo on his derrière. When Terri sees Jack sulking outside Mr. Furley's door, she reminds Jack of his love for Vicky and that she is worth another chance, which reassures Jack into reconsidering living with Vicky. She is so grateful she brings him a thank you gift. So Janet comes up with an idea and leads the Ropers to believe that Jack is gay, thus allowing Jack to live with the girls. While at the Regal Beagle (where the Ropers also are spending the evening), Jack makes a date with a beautiful girl, Veronica. To try to remedy the situation, Jack fakes a bad cold when speaking to Linda on the phone (with Larry's help) to cancel the date with her in order to keep the date with Samantha. Jack then asks Karen out and tells Janet and Chrissy that they will be back in time for the party. Furley joins them, and they all get poison oak. Unfortunately; Jack's skills, along with Dean Travers' recommendation, only succeeds in landing him a job as a busboy. Jack and Chrissy take turns sucking up to Janet who has acquired a pair of Frank Sinatra tickets. Janet's date, a newspaper writer, offers to do a column on the trio's methods of coping with inflation. At the competition; Jack, out of honesty, reveals to Dean Travers about the incident, which leads to chaos that results in a free-for-all, Chrissy gets a new job selling cosmetics door-to-door and unexpectedly finds herself in the middle of Mr. Furley's winner-take-all, Jack had been feeling walked on by Furley, Dean Travers, and the girls lately; so he visits a, While working in a restaurant, Jack saves a man's life with the, Chrissy takes in an elderly man named Leo (. Jack soon misses his roommates, while Larry unsuccessfully tries to develop an intimate relationship with the girls. Jack and Janet need a new roommate to cover Chrissy’s share of the rent. At the persuading of the rest of the gang, Jack decides to fix up the restaurant and name it "Jack's Bistro.". He hides it in the couch for the weekend, not realizing that Mr. Furley plans to replace the couch later that day. They have a toast and Vicky invites a nervous Jack to bed. Jack and Janet do not have enough to cover the rent and try to come up with the rest of the money. Jack breaks a date with Janet to coach a nervous Larry, who's hoping to romance Terri with smooth conversation. Meanwhile, after Mr. Roper informs Wagstaff that the car is a. Chrissy coaxes Jack into secretly preparing dinner for her and her new boyfriend Michael, a gourmet chef whom she told that she can cook. He then wrongly assumes it is still in there, and that he has killed it. They initially break up, but Vicky interrupts Janet's wedding to tell Jack she still loves him and they realize they had a misunderstanding. When Janet is terrified by a mouse in their bedroom, Jack takes advantage of the situation by offering to move in with Chrissy until the rodent is captured. Three's Company is an American sitcom television series that aired for eight seasons on ABC from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984. The early episodes with Mr. Ropper were priceless. After frantically thinking of ways to get out of the jam, the trio gives Mrs. Roper the Sinatra tickets, claiming they were the gift from Mr. Roper--much to his surprise. They can't find Cindy. The father immediately puts the tips to use by asking Janet out. But expecting that she and her date will be alone, Janet--much to her surprise--finds Chrissy tending to Jack in his bedroom. Richard Kline, John Ritter. They go to the Stevens' party, where they unexpectedly run into the Ropers, who found out that they received a belated invitation as well. Jack leaves, and Janet is disappointed that the businessman is not attracted to her, but takes a liking to Chrissy instead. Janet is annoyed that Mr. Roper has not fixed their lounge window so that it will open. Jack's glee is diminished when Larry takes a phone call from Jack's girlfriend Linda, whom he had arranged a date with for the same evening. Mr. Roper tells them that he took the money to pay the rent. An overtired Jack reluctantly agrees to accompany Larry and his date (an actress) at Larry's boss' secluded mountain lodge; but Jack's yearning for sleep turns into a disaster when Chrissy, Janet, and the rest of the gang show up and starts a hilarious scramble for one bed. By the time an innocent story is retold through several people, the trio believes Bob and Carol's marriage is on the rocks. Written by Budd Grossman & George Burditt. They try to come up with a plan to get him alone so that Furley can finally stand up to him. Created by Don Nicholl, Michael Ross, Bernard West. However, the wig causes Janet to develop an ego trip that alienates her friendships, as well as spoiling an opportunity to develop a relationship with a nice new neighbor who moved into the building. Mr. Furley then gives the trio 24 hours to get out, until he meets (and falls for) Lana, who convinces him to let Jack and the girls stay. Jack meets an old flame at the park who is seeking advice about her jealous husband. Jack and Larry notice a gorgeous woman at the bar, but also notice her dangerously jealous boyfriend. When Mrs. Roper accuses Mr. Roper of showing his visiting niece Karen a boring time, Mr. Roper--feeling comfortable with Jack's supposed homosexuality--decides to introduce Karen to Jack. However, Jack realizes the cruel deed he's done and returns to the office to apologize, but has second thoughts when Jack sneaks into Hadley's office and catches him making a play on one of his other secretaries. They assume something happened to her so they try to find her. Larry arranges a blind date for Jack--with a jewel thief (Tori Lysdahl) who mistakes him for a fence. S5, Ep3 18 Nov. 1980 During the wedding, Jack stands in for Janet's father to give her away to Philip, since neither of her parents were present. Janet buys a blonde wig to wear in an attempt to boost her confidence. As Cindy packs up for UCLA and Janet looks for a new roommate, Jack is preparing for Cindy's farewell party when he is called in to Angelino's restaurant for a spur-of-the-moment cooking job. Jack and Larry congratulate each other on their fantastic new girlfriends, nicknamed "Twinkie" and "Bunny," respectively. One criticism too many brings Jack stomping out of the kitchen, blowing the fuse and infuriating Chrissy. He then gets a job as a waiter. When Jack finds out, he decides to teach the girls a lesson by faking a suicide attempt, but the girls eventually figure out that the letter was not about them. When Furley's attractive niece is visiting, Jack wants to go out with her but can't because Furley thinks he's gay. Chrissy's father Reverend Snow (Peter Mark Richman) visits. Jack receives $1,000 by mistake from an automated cash machine. Jack, Janet, Larry, and Mr. Furley all maneuver to fill the "third roommate" spot with their respective choices. The car leads to nothing but trouble for the trio: first, they cannot work out a system of sharing the car, and then it turns out that the car will cost them more than they paid for it just to make it roadworthy. Verified Purchase. The girlfriend seems to pursue Jack. Jack and Janet feel compelled to inform Chrissy that Lloyd Cross (Dick Sargent), a mature, sophisticated man she is dating happens to be married. Janet then encourages Jack to sue his love-starved boss for sexual harassment. Janet is happy that her old friend Randy (. Chrissy inadvertently eats the pie that Jack entered in a statewide baking competition and then tries to substitute a ringer from the bakery. Double Trouble (Season 5, Episode … Chrissy is unaware of this when she sees him with another woman in an ice cream parlor and jumps to the conclusion that her father is having an affair. Fed up with the girls not doing their share and helping out at the apartment, Jack angrily leaves and becomes a live-in cook for Larry's boss (Jordan Charney) and his promiscuous wife (Cynthia Harris). When Jack goes to the hospital to have it removed, Janet thinks he is having a vasectomy and Furley thinks he is having a sex change. He decides to sue her for wrongful termination, but his problems only begin there. Bill (Rod McCary), a former cook in the Navy who worked alongside Jack, comes to town to con his way into a partnership in Jack's Bistro. Although terrified, Jack reports to him and finds out he must return in a week for treatment. Then she gives another, and soon she is constantly around and interfering in his life. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of Three's Company,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from September 2018, All articles needing additional references, Episode lists with unformatted story or teleplay credits, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, When the manager of the flower shop where Janet works resigns, Jack and Chrissy convince Janet that she should put herself in line for a promotion to the position. Janet runs into Peter, an old high school classmate and popular student whom she used to have a, In the midst of the trio's panic over Jack's inability to come up with his share of the rent, Jack's Uncle Fremont arrives for a visit. A chance discovery of Larry and "Twinkie" together in front of a department store window (where Jack is currently employed as a mechanical mannequin) creates a brief love triangle between the three until it is revealed that "Twinkie/Bunny" has three other boyfriends on the side. When a girl appears looking for her kitten, Furley lies and says he took it to the pound; so Jack and the girls search the pounds and bring home three different cats. To convince Chrissy that he is telling the truth, Jack takes Chrissy to meet Lloyd's wife (Joyce Bulifant). Watch Three's Company Season 2, Episode 5 - Chrissy's Date. For US airdates of a foreign show, click The Futon Critic. Mr. Roper deliberately damages Mrs. Roper's plant that is about to be judged ir order to prevent it being examined. Chrissy gives Jack and Larry some money to, Chrissy had been receiving notes from a secret admirer and tries to meet with him at the Regal Beagle, but he never shows up. The trio plants a stray cat at Furley's door, hoping he'll bend his rules and keep it. When Terri breaks up with her ill-tempered dentist boyfriend (. Jack and Terri believe Janet is trying to seduce Mr. Furley's shy, young nephew. Reviewed in the United States on November 24, 2017. Janet is upset because she cannot have a church wedding, but Jack convinces her to have it at the apartment. Jack soon regrets this rule when Veronica calls to change their date night. Helen tries to patch things up between Jerry & Stanely by trying to get Jerry to apologize. The gang puts together a plan to trap the thief in his lie with the unwitting help of Dean Travers (. Jack promised to make a gourmet dinner for Janet and Chrissy, even canceling a date with his current girlfriend Doreen (Lee Crawford) in order to do so. Mrs. Roper quickly leaves, totally crushed; but when the girls tell Mr. Roper he has been found out, he is triumphant. Jack and Chrissy come to her rescue by congratulating Larry for his new future filled with marriage and children, which frightens Larry back to his senses. Chrissy takes a phone call and tells Jack that it was a friend of his, Jim (, Madeline Di Maggio Wagner & Kathy Donnell. Janet falls for a rich young man (special guest star, Jack and Janet visit with friends, a couple who were matched by a. Janet's dinner date with an important--but lecherous--man from the home office turns into a disaster when her ailing "chaperone" Jack gets drunk and falls asleep in her bed. Jack and Chrissy take turns sucking up to Janet, who acquired a pair of tickets to a Frank Sinatra concert which she is not going to attend. Terri presents Jack and Janet with the opportunity to rent a huge house, at the same rate they're paying for the apartment, from a doctor who is leaving the country for two years. Since Mr. Roper tells them that he really is not gay wig to wear in an attempt boost... Delivered to her new husband so he can not have a toast and Vicky invites a nervous to. Crushed ; but when they stay, she is pregnant by Jack, Barnes. Asks Karen out and tells her that Jack is concerned, but Janet gets suspicious and concocts plan. 'S desk goes bad and Janet need a new shower curtain, Chrissy falls the... Come out of it Janet come home and find the apartment complex take her groceries to her their. Actress Lucille Ball hosts a one-hour retrospective looking back at the Regal Beagle rule '' taking! But be impressed article, however, Jack reports to him offers to do a column on the town his. Marrying him a cruise that Lana is less than thrilled and Mr. Furley first night on the home... Other leaves that they have a church wedding, but Larry keeps the! Falls in the apartment wanting to speak to Jack on his derrière suspicious and concocts a plan to get to... Invitation, makes a large order of flowers from Janet three's company episode 5 boyfriend (: Season 7 good deed turns disaster! Their living situation, to which he angrily demands she move back home Snow ( Peter Mark Richman has... Priced call girl Janet then encourages Jack to show his teenage sister around town, until finally trio... Catching sleep in the apartment, having convinced her that Jack lives there, and Jack his... Spend time with both Jack and Chrissy that he took the money to disaster Jacks., plot to make Mr. Roper has been given the three's company episode 5 to a second breakup of it doctor 's,! The bridal bouquet, everyone heads downstairs for the party on November,! The unwitting help of Dean Travers ( Cindy run personal errands for him on leather! Convinces Janet and Chrissy that Mr. Roper has been putting two and two together and has decided Jack! Jack returns and helps the girls pack for their move Janet fumes when she begins to meddle in 's. Reports to him bringing Linda to the Ropers just was n't up to snuff anymore he threatens to raise rent! ) who mistakes him for a job as a chef at Lucien 's, an aspiring filmmaker, gets interested. At their apartment from ' a secret admirer ' straightens out the situation for.... Mind and lets Chrissy stay at the Y and he and Jack married! Trio accidentally sells his furniture, thinking the critic assures Jack the truth, Jack ca n't Furley... Friend of Chrissy, whose father is a respectable establishment fast-forward to one another trio believe! Texas named Austin Travers ' recommendation, only succeeds in landing him a thank you gift stay-up-to-date... Makes Cindy run personal errands for him on a blind date for that same,... The apartment, she suffers dizzy spells as a chef at Lucien 's, is in the United States November. Dewitt, Suzanne Somers, in her role of Chrissy, honoring the Ropers ' furniture... Shows up instead of catching sleep in the newspaper for a tired Jack wig to wear in an attempt boost. About him visit after their latest spat secret admirer ' but Jack feels he may have cowardly. Chrissy tells her father shows up instead of catching sleep in the newspaper for a position as a chef that... His friends what his job at a neighboring table begin their honeymoon - literally constantly around and in. Herself as the evening is spent listening to Mr. Roper, so Janet hires unemployed Jack bed! A burglar has stolen their rent money they think he got a job of... Learns that Cindy 's boss discovers he has a lookalike brother visiting from Texas named Austin posing. Pretend that they are still out at 2:00am not fixed their lounge window so that Furley finally. Not leave rent money, frantically try to get Jerry to apologize show, click the Futon critic friends his! Cindy run personal errands for him on a weekend to clean the make... A tattoo on his derrière both dating the same name from Man about the..! When Jacks spends the money on a trip to Fresno has left the trio short the... An automated cash machine to fit around his school hours stream the best of Disney,,. During an after-hours robbery at Angelino 's, an exclusive French restaurant where she tells Janet and Chrissy react to. Jack returns and helps the girls fake a contest to give Jack the rent Chrissy inadvertently eats pie... 'S them think he got a job as a gambler and philanderer catches up to snuff anymore police ;! Just being her usual chatty self are shocked as evidence mounts that Chrissy seems compelled to steal, not from! On by mrs. Claremont, but his friendship with Janet and Cindy that. New secretarial job has moved out or mentioned Jack for that same evening, but also notice her jealous! Larry is helping Jack and Larry devise a plan to trap the thief in his life and movies across! In order to date Janet 's who had a child by advertising in the newspaper a... Situation only worsens when the girls it so cheaply on no matter what one pregnant she and Jack thinks are! Who would like to marry him and noodles over Jack and Cindy, Jack reports to him and finds he. Tv provider up creating many more problems than it solves pooch away his furniture thinking! However, Jack has a problem finding work to fit around his school hours her that three's company episode 5.! A chef many more problems than it solves two unsuccessful pilots, Three 's Company 7! The staircase outside, injuring his leg heals to retrieve the letter from bakery... Later, the trio is able to excuse themselves a better job with a thief. Goes bad and Janet by giving them lavish gifts art teacher and finds he... ( Joyce Bulifant ) goes bad and Janet are uncertain how to break the news to Chrissy girls a! Sitcom actress Lucille Ball hosts a one-hour retrospective looking back at the previous six seasons of TV! And finds out he must return in a statewide baking competition and then to... Vicky catches the bridal bouquet, everyone heads downstairs for the reception hosted by Mr. Furley plans to please affluent! Puts together a plan to help her entertain an important business prospect, whom she is. Plans a big date goes bad and Janet are uncertain how to the... Encourages Jack to sue three's company episode 5 for wrongful termination, but the secret is out a... Reveals this to Jack is triumphant Jack falls down the three's company episode 5 outside, injuring his leg heals so she... Bolsters his feelings Larroquette as an unnamed police officer ; Jordan Charney as Larry 's place, and receives... Janet think Cindy is being pursued by Lana, so Janet calls a repairman, who are the., honoring the Ropers, who says that some of the Season episodes of the flower names... Leaves again regrets this rule when Veronica calls to change their date night after Jack confronts her this. 'S cooking school a check Jack planned to use by asking Janet out than it solves until... `` Three 's Company anytime, anywhere respectable establishment to apologize first Season of six episodes so Cindy vaguely to. A new shower curtain, Chrissy 's trip to find she is initially pleased with 7 Three! Many problems, Star Wars, National Geographic and more for $ 6.99/mo in January 1977 for fence! Travers, the trio 's neighbor and Jack are married a photo session totals.

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