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Youth Forum

Who we are

Bodhi Youth Fraternity is the Youth Unit of Lokenath Divine Life Mission. Its main goal is to lead today’s youth into a life of values, self-confidence, self-esteem, meditation, art, music, writing, positive mindset. These outer aspects of psychological well-being are carefully built upon the aspects of mental strength, self-compassion and self-care. From the very moment a new member joins this group, it is time to say goodbye to stress and negative self-talk.

Mentally strong people experience emotions in a way that ensures eudemonic well-being (happiness experienced from meaning and purpose in life) rather than hedonic well-being. For a youth seeking direction, there are plenty of ways to help. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy, positive affirmations, positive thinking, thought awareness and rational thinking help meet our goals by enhancing emotional intelligence, acceptance, emotional self-regulation, will power, self-efficacy and self-regulated learning.

A student also learns to build new habits and break bad ones by practicing self-regulation. The students share warm and responsive relationships where they learn to focus their mind on the simple psychology- “Love is everything”. Mindfulness based stress reduction activities help reduce brain chatter, cope with depression, sleep issues, substance misuse, mood swings and helps cope with symptoms related to mood swings, borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, trauma, suicidal thoughts— the teenagers and young adults undergo mindfulness based cognitive therapy in everything they do. Taking a walk in nature may lead to improved immunity, spiritual meditation and contemplative prayer—aiding in relaxation. One is taught not to repress emotions but to release, as emotions are powerful. Journaling, drawing, coloring are ways that give the mind the feeling of home. The students apply Mindfulness to the creatice process and learn that well-being is a skill. “Where attention goes energy flows”—thereby, body awareness, mantra meditation, body scan meditation, loving kindness meditation, visualization meditation, gardening, moon gazing reduce aggression and insomnia amongst teens encouraging positive coping strategies.

SELFAwarenessMindfulness andConfidencebuilding

When we think of stability in life, what comes first in our minds is physical and mental health. Although the two are grossly interlinked, one can achieve good physical health by regular exercise and yoga, enough sleep, healthy food choices and maintaining proper hygienic conditions. The latter however requires a little more in-depth training of the mind. In today's conditions where one is constantly surrounded by gadgets, the human touch is vastly missing. We have forgotten to enjoy mother nature's beauty since the first priority is " how many likes will I get if I post that on Facebook? "

This shallow need and constant craving for attention and appreciation often leads to depression, anxiety and thoughts of self-doubt, anger, frustration, fear of judgement and criticism, body shaming and even in some cases personality disorders or eating disorders. Mental disorders aren't always triggered by genetics or unhealthy habits, drugs or alcohol abuse. It can also be due to a childhood trauma, stressful events like losing a loved one or even constant wallowing of negative thoughts in our unconscious minds. 

In today's generation, which is so lonely and in a constant desire of companionship, youth often feel the end of to all their problems is finding 'the love of their life' or a 'soulmate' and when situations turn for the worst, we end up trying to take a technology time-out to fight off the constant thoughts of self-loathing. Thinking that watching sad movies and rom coms in our pajamas with a tub of ice cream is what will help fight off the pain. But as Bodhi Baba says, "Be aware of your internal monologue! Your self talk is decisive of your future! Make sure every word of your thought invokes the Divine within and leads to self love! Self love is not selfishness. It is self discovery! "

Bodhi Baba, being a very blissful, spiritual and loving presence, also is very practical, scientific and a pragmatic who observes nature being a witness or Sakshi, appreciates her simplicity and beauty, derives values and practices what He preaches. He says "Most often things don't go our way. Instead of worrying and complaining, the best way is to create a pause in the pre-programmed thought process and keep counting your 'in' and 'out' breaths with focus on the observer and the act of observation of your breaths. Worries and tensions are fuelled by the unconscious state of mind. Mindfulness is all that is needed! "

These practices of self-awareness, mindfulness and confidence building programs have liberated a 23 year old boy Navoneel who was the victim of substance abuse and was going through physical and mental trauma where therapy wasn't of much help. By diligently following Bodhi Baba's instructions and practicing the pure art of loving oneself Navoneel has set an example for many others. He has blossomed into an ethical, moral and untainted young man who recently celebrated his 1 year sobriety milestone free from substance abuse. He is now in fact a very virtuous and righteous mentor to a 17 year old boy, Amartya stricken by schizophrenia but under his mentor Dada Navoneel's guidance is in the process of transformation and blooming into a beautiful flower after massive struggles. 

Many volunteers who have joined in Bodhi Baba's youth fraternity have found a safehouse and a place to grow under the guidance, love and care of Debdutta Ray, a 32 year old teacher by profession who has renounced the world, and under the guidance of Bodhi Baba are igniting millions of souls to solve their quest of identity crisis that our brothers and sisters are facing in today's world. They not only serve different sections of the population by aiding literacy, help in curriculum development, serve the elderly and the poor but also by rescuing abandoned and stray animals, enthusiastically participating in organic farming and dealing with the pollution created by mankind on mother nature and making Planet Earth a better place to live!

Creativity in Youth Group

This symbiotic youth group spreads its wings gracefully with the help of Happiness Habit. We express heartfelt gratitude to all without a speck of judgement. As we spent more and more time in Lokenath Divine Life Mission, we experienced the value of encouraging people rather than criticizing their efforts and this gave rise to the blooming of our talents. Debadri, a 17-year-old college student developed an immensely appreciable skill with his brushes and pencils. Through his art, not only are his strokes eye-catching, but the devotion that flows through him finds itself offered in the canvas, be it one on paper or on mind. Utsav, truly gifted in art, found his skills taken to a different level when he recycled a laptop screen and came up with an awestriking painting of Lord Shiva on it. Navoneel, who had once given up hopes of witnessing his artistic side again, was encouraged by the efforts of this group and re-discovered himself, and is now coming up with very conceptual sketches. Debdutta, whose positivity is as contagious as the term ‘belief’ is, never fails to make anyone feel special artistically as well, be it with her thoughts, words or actions. We surround ourselves with inspiration and in everything we do, be it a small event like a birthday, or a big one like decorating the Ashram for Durga Puja; we focus not on our efforts, but the illumination of whom we are devoting it to. The multitude of creative activities we engage in, range from sketches to decorations, celebrations to poetry, and is developing each day.

Youth and Yoga

Bodhi says,

"The notion of individuality stands on the ground of egoic-mind. As long as you are working from the plane of mind you will feel as if you are separate from all that is. This separation itself is painful. That is the reason you will find every individual is in stress and suffering. Yoga is the skill that you develop to transform this ego-mind to universal Mind. Universal Mind and your Spirit Soul that YOU are, is one and the same! Live soul centered life through constant awareness of the Divine Mother within.” And hence, the members started their daily online yoga classes as a gift to Bodhi and also themselves on His 72nd Birthday. As He always says, "If you are able to gift yourselves good health and peace, it will come to me as the most priceless gift".

Debdutta, a student of Bihar School of Yoga is the Yoga mentor. She teaches each and every step with utmost care and patience. The yoga schedule consists of some stretching exercises, power yoga, postures for a holistic development and ending with some deep breathing exercises and Mantra chanting. Not only that, each posture is followed by 10 seconds of pause where everyone observes their breath and witnesses a wave of relaxation.

The members have noticed various improvements in their body and mind after only a month of consistent practice which includes improved concentration, boost in confidence levels, more focus, better memory, quicker decision-making, ease in handling responsibility and of course increase in their physical and mental strength.

One of the member says, “I realized that Yoga is not just another form of exercise to look at weight reduction but comes along with an overall well-being. While, I am quite new into this group, have already started feeling the positive energy. When we connect and do meditation, breathing exercises, chant the mantras, it uplifts my mental state and health and I experience so much of peace within. My heartfelt thanks to Bodhi Baba for giving me this opportunity and no word of thanks would be enough for the daily guidance and enthusiasm we get from Debdutta. One more thing truly worth a mention, I feel more connected as part of a dedicated task force to seek the Divine within and joy in having found my brothers and sisters in this beautiful Youth Fraternity”.

Serving Elderly People

We visited the Matriashram Old Age Home, in Konnagar on 17th October, 2020. We found the same problems of ageism to be prevalent there as well. The Children more or less dumped their parents in an old age home and only once in a blue moon do they visit their senior loved ones. We witnessed what the Ladies there (all over 60) truly wanted not long after we reached. There was aglisten that came upon their eyes, and it was overflowing with enjoyment and excitement. Meeting us, to them, was like meeting their own sons and daughters. Giving them a day off from their mundane lives was in itself what we count as a great blessing for us. The sarees we gifted them put a huge smile across their faces and as we continued talking with them, they opened themselves up and told us their stories. It was but only the presence of youth over there that they needed, so that they could spark their youth once again, if only temporarily.


Youth Serving Community

Amartya, a teenager who suffers from schizophrenia had immense issues in relating to the people around him. After visiting Lokenath Divine Life Mission a few times, he now makes it a point to keep returning. Our group helped him dawn upon the realization that he will receive affection and care for who he is, the solace of which he was fighting wars in his mind in order to achieve. After engaging him in various activities to help him become a part of us, all he needed was this safe and supportive environment to gain insight of his locked up, hidden potentials. Now, he is glad that he has others around him who he can share his feelings with, driven by a mutual sense of belongingness.

Youth &
Animal Care

Bodhi Youth Fraternity hosts members who are not only creative, meditative, mindful or practice yoga but are also ardent lovers of animals.Two of the members , Sudeshna and Sampurna rescue and shelter street dogs, cats and birds in their residence. Another member Utsav, with a heart of gold adopted a street puppy who was chased by a group of other dogs and had no home. Kalu a local street dog and her puppies who stay near Ashram are being taken care of and fed daily by another loving group member, Debadri. The members also fed strays with fish and rice to celebrate Bodhi’s Gurudev Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari’s 95th Birth Anniversary. As Bodhi says, “Nature with all her elements and infinite intelligence is a true teacher. She is mother to us all, nurturing and caring for us with her abundant gifts to sustain life for all species impartially. Try to find time to connect to her, personifying her as the manifest Mother Divine. Feel her. Become more and more aware of her presence in everything that is your life”, the members always try to feel and connect to the Mother Divine in these animals, the most naïve and tender creation of Hers.


Contribution need not be always monetary. One can always support our mission by sharing his/her knowledge, skill and expertise. Even sharing ideas is a huge contribution. One can support the activities of the mission in different ways.


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