Baba Lokenath Explains True Essence Of Gita

Baba Lokenath spent more than two decades at Baradi Ashram, (approximately from 1826 to 1890) presently in Bangladesh in the district of Naryangunj, This was the time the small unknown hamlet of Baradi became a holy pilgrim center where seekers of all faiths, all religious traditions found a holy confluence, as Baba embodied the synthesis of Yoga and religions.

Narisababa, a devotee of Baba once asked him, “Our minds are restless. How are we to listen to the Divine song, which you say is the true Gita from within. We are so overwhelmed with negative situations and circumstances from all sides, how are we to focus into the world where resides the Lord”?

Baba replied, “ Without Divine Grace, nothing is possible. With Divine grace even the impossible becomes possible. When you receive Grace, your mind will spontaneously turn to the Divine. Then you will realize what the Gita is.”

These words of Baba draw our attention to the deepest reality of spiritual journey. It is not that we don’t try to show our love and devotion to God or our Guru; it is that we don’t practice to acknowledge the Grace that happens to each on one of us in small little things of daily life. We don’t realize that nothing moves without Grace. Grace is the unique energy that pervades the universe, invisible though, it is the essence of every happening of this world and beyond. Baba explains, that once you start recognizing the Grace, (kripa, blessings) in your mundane daily happenings, like even the blinking of your eyes, your sight, your compassion, your love all these are manifestations of the same one divine energy in motion, that is Grace.

Good or bad, all happens for a purpose, wake up to see the unseen hands of God, and deeply appreciate the gesture of love from God in the form of His infinite grace, and live each day as true worship of the divine. As Baba says, once your mind starts to feel the touch of Divine hands, you will realize what is the Song of the Lord, or Gita in Essence.

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  1. Having Baba Lokenath in my life has been like walking in a never ending field of grace…so gentle, so sweet, ever unfolding and expanding….I caught myself wondering yesterday, “I often think of Baba Lokenath as an identifiable being, a Master, out there in the distant realms for me to reach out to and connect with. But isn’t he this field of infinite grace itself alive in me, the taproot of being itself that is beyond any individual form of identification, here inside and always available, if only I turn my attention within?” I wonder….and am sitting in the question of that, the felt presence of that, to see where it leads. Any thoughts, Baba?

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