Baba Lokenath Your Eternal Companion

After this body falls, do not think that everything will come to an end.  After I leave this gross body, I will live in the hearts of all living beings in my subtle form.  Whoever seeks my refuge will always receive my grace.”

On the fateful day of 2 June 1890 at the thatched cottage of Baba Lokenath, in the quiet village of Baradi, (Bangladesh, now) there were devotees from all around who were totally heart broken as they knew that Baba would leave his mortal body any moment. There was silence and at the same time sounds of sobbing and crying villagers for whom Baba was the sole refuge. They saw in this unusual human body the play of infinite power of God and compassion that is boundless. For years, they got used to having Baba reside in the same village and they all felt that they were living under a huge banyan tree; the cool shelter was an assurance of protection and love that no human could ever offer to them. They always would come running to Baba if any misfortune hit them, as they were poor and neglected. But Baba stood as pillar for all of them, for any need and his mere words were enough to heal any disease or suffering.

The quoted words were spoken by Baba to all the devotees who had gathered at Baradi ashram only to proclaim that Baba was not a body that was about to be discarded like an old garment, but the all compassionate and holy Shiva the protector of devotees who surrender to him. Baba said, that once he gives up his body he would only be more available than when he was in his body. He was exiting his tiny cage only to take his seat in the hearts of all of humanity, all creatures on earth, to become one with existence. Now every one can have access to him, by a heartful remembrance. He says, whoever seeks my refuge will always receive my grace. These words need deep contemplation, till it finds its space in our hearts and soaks in tears of trust. The more we repeat to ourselves these words of Shiva Lokenath, the more trust happens, the more we will feel Baradi is our own heart, Baba is our own Spirit Soul. We are inseparable from Baba. That is what he said, all his life. He never saw the existence separate from him. He we all, all was he.

Let us meditate upon these eternal words of eternal Master and assure ourselves that we are never alone, unprotected, and vulnerable. We are in the divine lap of compassion personified Baba and we are always safe wherever we are at any point of time. With Baba in our heart we can surmount any challenges of life and overcome any obstacle and win.

Prostration at the lotus feet of Guru Lokenath!

                                                                           Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa



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