Please accept my humble Pranam .This is Sanghamitra from Bangkok .Wanted to share an experience.since listening to your Live satsang in youtube, helping me enormously to focus more deeply .Yesterday I was not well , having been suffering from chronic digestive disorders which making me bed ridden some times  and yesterday was among one day , was driving myself forcefully to do the regular work of professional and households .Around 5 pm with lots of tired ness opened the FB and eyes stuck to the notification of your Sunday Satsang , I missed it .Mind was saying couldn’t concentrate but some unknown force made me to start listening .I lost myself in the discourse and when woke up felt no tiring feeling , I am as energized as when run without problem , as happy as I used to and as spirited as everI felt the grace of Baba Lokenath through your words .Gratitude in abundance Baba 🙏🙏



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