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Sunderban Villages ravaged by Cyclone Bulbul
November 18, 2019

Recently the villages in Sunderbans were ravaged by the Cyclone Bulbul. Bodhi is working harder than ever to aid and assist. Using his love for technology he has started doing video calls with these remote villages, d......Read more

Thakur Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari r Amrita Katha o Tar Saar
November 14, 2019

ei pushtika te Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa Ji taanr Param aradhya Gurudev Thakurer amrita banir byakhya korechen pranjol bhashai ja porle apni sadhan pother ebong Shanti labher anek patheo paben, anuprerona paben, paben Thak......Read more

Why Fear When Baba Is Here!
October 25, 2018

Baba says, “Why fear when I am there.” So true. We all need to keep in mind that it is foolish to fight with negative forces head on. How can we dispel darkness by invoking darkness? Only light can do that......Read more

Baba Lokenath Temple Events for Durga Puja 2018
October 15, 2018

The schedule of Sri Sri Sharodia Durga Puja 2018 at

Lokenath Divine Life Mission.
277 Shanti Pally.
Kolkata 700107.
15th October – Maha Shashtthi – Mon......Read more
Baba Lokenath Is Always There To Protect You
October 11, 2018

As the life around the world is becoming more and more crisis ridden, men and women around the world are feeling more and more confused and worried about the future. Baba knew this plight of the world much before and ......Read more


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