Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa as I know him

Bodhi, is the epitome of purity and Bliss as his name is. Shuddha mean pure ananda means bliss. He is indeed pure bliss. 
Love and joy always fills him with  a childlike smile on his face. I met Babaji  in a most mysterious way in the journey of my spiritual life, And a new chapter of learning, opened in my life.  
It was  amazing to see the social work at Sunderbans, WB, for  underprivileged, which he worked for, single handedly. He has changed the life of many with  a very high thought of dignity, making people self dependent and he worked for their education too, along with giving spiritual foundation, of purity and love through his enchanting talks.

Babaji is an example of absolute positive mind, in the midst of  all fear and dispassion of today’s world. He has changed  many lives  through his teachings of Mindfulness. His book Your Mind Your Best Friend is one of his best creation which uplifted many lives.
Babaji, as a Rishi, has come down from  the Himalayas after his  penance and taken on the Seva of transforming people into a much better human being in a most practical way.
We are thankful to The Lord Almighty to have Baba amongst  us in today’s world of stress and  misery.
Thank you Baba for all your blessings.
Pranam with gratitude.

Jaya Bhagat, New Delhi  




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