Thakur Bhajan Baba’s Mahasamadhi Smaranautsav

Today, 6 July 2019, is my Beloved Gurudev Thakur Bhajan Brahmachari Baba’s Mahasamadhi Smaranautsav. This day 27 years back he left his divinised body and went on to the plane of eternal divine play as ascended Master along with great grand Masters of all times. We celebrate this in Kasba Baba Lokenath Mandir from morning with Guru Puja, Bhajan Kirtan, satsang and bhog Prasad. Please  worship your own Guru, pray, meditate and share the joy of your spirit with whomever you meet today, blessing all, healing all, loving all. These acts of kindness and compassion, love and forgiveness are true Pranaam to your Guru, to Thakur, to Baba Lokenath! Obeisance to Thakur Bhajan Baba, embodiment of unconditional love and compassion. ~~Bodhi Shuddhaananda

Mahasamadhi Smarana Utsav of our Beloved Thakur (Bhagwan Sri Sri Bhajan Brahmachari)

If you live in Kolkata, please make sure you keep yourself free on 6 July 2019, as we will celebrate with utmost devotion the Mahasamadhi Smarana Utsav of our Beloved Thakur at Lokenath temple of Lokenath Divine Life Mission, near Kasba Garden High School and 47B Bus terminus from Morning 10 30 am till afternoon. You will also have blessed Prasad to purify your mind and body. Thakur came to remind us that the forms of true Spiritual Masters (Satguru) may be different but they all belong to One Cosmic plane of Pure Consciousness. Jai Thakur! Jai Thakur! Jai Thakur! ~~Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

Do You Want To Have Darshan of Baba?

Do you want to have darshan of Baba? Then make sure you have to cleanse the vision of your eyes. One thing that we all do by force of habit is to participate in gossips (poro ninda poro charcha), our eyes and ears long to find fault with many things and people around us. We have spent a major portion of our life in judging others and talking what is wrong in this world. This has only made the world an unhappy place for all of us. What are we teaching our children with our flawed behaviour? They learn what they see their adults doing! The moment we stop this by practice by mindful meditation, Witness Mediation, we will have cleaner mind, and our vision will be ready to have darshan of Baba Lokenath! Pledge to Baba that you are ready for the inner cleansing first. Baba Lokenath is just waiting for that to happen! Jai Shiva Lokenath! ~~Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

Prayer to Baba Lokenath on His 129 Mahasamadhi Utsav

Baba Lokenath! You are the very essence of my existence! You live in every atom, every molecule of all that manifests! Your love, your forgiveness is unfathomable! We can never know you, for You are beyond mind and knowledge. Yet, you come to each one of us and allow us to hold your lotus feet and feel God! You have made us all to experience that God exists and that He can be talked to! You made us feel that we have One who will never leave us alone and will lead us to the land of self discovery! You are Buddha, You are Christ and Krishna for You are the very synthesis of all religions and faiths.

On this 129th Mahasamadhi day we prostrate to you praying for unconditional surrender and devotion and release from all bondage. May we feel you in every breath till we breathe and breathe. Jai Baba Lokenath! Jai Shiva Lokenath! ~~Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

Schedule of Service, Baba Lokenath Mahasamadhi Utsav

Baba Lokenath’s Mahasamadhi Utsav will be held at Lokenath Divine Life Mission 277 Shantipally, Kasba Kolkata – 700 107, India 3rd June 2019 Jaistha

      5 AM Mangal Arati

      7 AM Puja

      9 AM Balya Bhog

      9.30 AM Bhajan and Patth

      11.15 AM Padma Arpan

      11.40 AM Deep Dan and Shankha Badan

      12 Noon Prabachan ( Spiritual talk ) by Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

      12.30 PM Bhog Nibedan and Arati

      1 PM Bhog Prasad Distribution

       6 PM Arati

       6.20 PM Devotional Song.

       7.30 PM Prabachan (Spiritual Talk) Song by Bodhi Shuddhaanandaa

       9 PM Shanti Mantra Pattah


          MORE INFORMATION CALL Priyabrata (+91)96748 55618 (mobile)

The Art of Mindful, Meditative Eating

Baba Lokenath never said don't eat this, don't eat that. He only said, "ahaar karo mone karo ahuti die Shyama ma ke" meaning, while eating mindfully offer the food to the fire inside your stomach, as if you are offering an oblation to the sacrificial fire. This is the art of mindful meditative eating. When you eat as Baba says, you will not only be healthy and happy but you will be progressing in your spiritual pursuit, for your mind is deeply influenced by the food you eat and with what attitude you take your food. Jai Baba Lokenath!

Inscrutable Are the Ways of the Sadguru!

When Baba decided to leave his mortal body he called his little child Janaki Brahmachari, whom he initiated and transformed into a yogi of high stature, to take charge of the ashram of Baradi. Janaki was thinking in his mind how could he run the ashram? Baba lovingly said, after i leave my body you will find Rs.2. every day under my asan (mat spread) and that will take care of the ashram expenses. Janaki used to sweep Baba's room as the first morning worship, and used to find that money everyday after Baba left his body. That money was good enough to take care of the expenses of the ashram. Inscrutable are the ways of Sadguru!! Jai Brahma Lokenath! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Chant Jai Baba Lokenath and All Is Well!

Baba Lokenath reaches out to every soul on earth who is seeking light and then starts to bring a higher state of consciousness through simple things of daily life. One thing i would tell you, you don't have to do much, you don't even need any mantra, just chant the Holy name of Baba "Jai Baba Lokenath" in your heart and feel that Baba watching you with his non-blinking eyes. Just imagine someone just loves you only for you, not for anything that you possess, just unconditionally, would you not give your heart to him or her? Same is with Baba, just pure love, unconditional love, like a child to her mother, that is what is wanted. Nothing else. Feel he surrounds you wherever you are with his ever-protective energy field. Feel that whatever you do, he is truly doing it. Feel that you have nothing to do, but to be conscious of what all you are called upon to do. Be prayerful, grateful, mindful and kind. Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari

Baba Will Transform You Into Gold Too!

Surathnath Brahmachari was completely transformed by the Divine touch of Baba Lokenath. Surathnath had every vice under the sun, but Baba gave him love without picking on the bad habits and fallen character. Surathnath said this about Baba, "Even a fallen soul like me also got transformed into pure gold by Baba's grace and guidance". Whatever may be your past, whatever may be biting you as guilt, know this for sure, Baba is pure forgiveness, pure love, so he will not find fault with you, while the world will do so. What is needed is your innocent surrender and remembrance of His Holy Name. He will transform YOU TOO into gold!! Jai Baba Lokenath!! Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari  

Knowledge of Self Only Way to Liberation

"Knowledge of the Self is the only way to liberation. Devotion is the essence. Mantra, etc., are the supportive aspects. Move along the path with devotion and love, and who can obstruct your way? You are all my children!" This is the most powerful message of Baba Lokenath. If you are asked what path Baba Lokenath teaches? This is the essence of his teaching. Not until we know about our Self can we find Moksha. Darshan of gods and goddess and saints are inspiration on the path but cannot give liberation. To attain that Self knowledge for the common masses he says Bhakti or devotion is the essence. Mantra sadhana keeps you in tune with the Self within. He says, practice every little act of worship with a touch of your heart, with love, with devotional surrender. The ego will gradually get metamorphosed into the higher self, the Atman.  With Baba holding you and leading the path, you can never go wrong.  Move forward. Don't look back. All is well.