Coping with Covid Fear and Anxieties

Fear comes out of our deep attachments and our continual need for self protection. Fear breeds in the ground of unconsciousness. If you are conscious and aware of your innate higher nature, you will not be afflicted with this dark force that posseses anyone who is vulnerable and open to threats. As you keep listening to news and hear people panicking about the deadly virus and the increasing trend of infections and deaths, your mind becomes the ground for thoughts and feelings which keep you in chronic stress mode. This is highly injurious to your inner body environment. The more fearful you become about the future and the possiblity of you getting covid and dying, the more you will be operating in a high stress zones of your body-mind and both your productivity and creativity will be directly affected. Many corporate employees are now complaining that they are not able to concentrate or feel like doing anything productive becasue they feel so restless and vulnerable and suffering with anxities. My humble suggestion is, I won’t say dont worry, don’t panic, dont stress out, but i will only expect you to realize that by worrying and panicking you don’t solve any problem, but if you can practice sitting quiet and just letting go your mind to do whatever and you become mindful of the thoughts not getting engaged or involved with the anxieties. The more you start watching your negative throught process and the body going through fear related symptoms, the more the thoughts will gradually get distilled in the light of your AWARENESS of your thoughts and feelings. Yes, this is the way to go. It is not about what you shoudn’t do, it is more about a simple tecnique of meditation or Zen practice of compassinately watching the thoughts and feelings come and go, and you don’t get identified or bogged down by it any more. This is what meditation is all about. Allowing the anxities to be washed in the light of your awarenss. You may not get this perfect in one day, but if you persevere and continue the practice for short periods each time, you will reach a stage of quieter mind and healthier feelings of your body. Try and leave your comments below so that i know it is working for you. Or else, let me know what obstacles you are facing and i shall address that in my next blogs. May the Divine Mother heal those who are suffering so that peace and wellness prevails. Om Shanti.

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