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how to be happy
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beloved swamiji, your message has breathed life into me. i dont know why, but from the time i saw your message i am very much relieved and much of my fear has departed. i dont know how this happenned though. well. swamiji, i know..this is the last chance i am asking from baba lokenath himself.so i understand that i must change my self. baba himself has given me the chance to change..so here and now i promise to lokenath baba and you that i will not let my insticts rule me any more. i make a pledge to live a honest and purposeful life, a life ever surrendered to the feet of baba lokenath. after reading your mail i have gathered much confidence. however the only way to get to know if i do have the infection or not is to wait for atleast one month. because according medical data, the presence of infection may not be seen from 6 weeks to three months of initial exposure. so i dont have any option other than to wait.in the meantime, i am trying to contact that girl and get her also checked for HIV. if she doesnt have HIV at this moment, then almost half my frars will go away.i am saying only half, because in her case also the presence of infection may not be seen up to three months of initial exposure( that is if she had been contacting some other men).i understand that if i come out clean, then this life will be a lifespan borrowed from baba lokenath himself, so i cannot afford to do any more mistakes. and that is my innermost desire also. that i make my body a temple of baba lokenath. that is what i always wanted to do. i understand that desires and instictive mind pattern always come up as obstacles. however what other solution do i have other than to chant the holy names of baba and then wait for my mind to be tame. anyway, all my efforts to di it myself landed me in this kind of situiation. so i have just decided to surrender to baba on each and every matter- something which i should have learnt the very fist time i recieved your grace, years back in calcutta. again and again i realise that baba is my only refuge. that is why, if i come out clean, then also i will have already surrendered my life to baba and might rather work on how to control and prevent this devastating disease, which is so evil that it can catch a person even if he is careless for not more than five minutes and which is so strong that it sucks the very life from the body..so that the body can no longer thrive on external supprt, and which is so omnious and dark, that once a person has got it, there is no hope for him other than to wait for his death. if i do not come out clean, then also i will hve no other refuge than baba. then i might choose to leave everything i have and just goaway to some remote place where i can chant babas name and wait for the end. but i wonder, why a cure of this devastating disesae has never been found till now? andi wonder what plan does god himself have concerning HIV. baba, through this site, i also would like to offer a hundreds of pranams to ram ram sitaram ji that he was so touched by my misery and that he is also prayig for me..only prayers are of value now. but i also want to ask beg his pardon that i cannot publish my contact address here because this is a public fourm and that i might actually never be able to reveal my identity here. i am just content that i have had a chance to meet swamiji in person for a number of times and that he is still there for me. always at your feet…siddartha
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Beloved Baba this one thing has been a matter of confusion for me for years together "how exactly do we come in terms with the Buddhist concept of life, world, creation, and sadhana?" the concept that the world might never have been created in the first place just rules out the possibility of an ever powerful creator. and similarly the concept of just living in the present moment and that we ourselves striving for our own liberation by eliminating all the past and present karma that we have accumulated from millions of lives just rules out any place for devotion towards any supreme being..towards anything that seems to be even remotely mystical. they say that it is for the same reason why the Buddha himself refused to answer any question pertaining to the existence of God, the origin of creation etc and just focused on the process of meditation (vipassana??) which he himself had used for attaining the final liberation and which he taught to all his students for as long as he lived. the original process of vipassana ( by that i mean the process followed by the Theravada Specialists..specially in Sri Lanka.. Burma and Thailand) just rules out the possibility of use of even any mantra of any other process other than subjective observation and introspection. the reason that they give for this is that though the use of some strong and powerful mantra and other process of active visualization might help is in getting temporary benefits they are not capable of really destroying the seeds of karma that we have inside us. they say that even the highest realms (like heavens, Bhramaloka etc) are indeed obtainable by the practice of various mantra sadhanas and chanting the names and mantras of ny particular deity might at the most help us gain a close proximity with that realm or deity…but that is not Nirvana..that is not cleansing of impurities..they say that it is just replacing one karma with another..some karma which will give good results but eventually will wear off and will again force us to come back to the circle of life and death the Tibetan and some form of Chinese Buddhism also follow the same logic..however they have incorporated the use of active visualizations, hundreds of deities, mantras, chantings, and also tantric practices. so at least i would not turn towards that..cause i already have a plenty of that in my own conditioning in one way it sounds so much like what Sri Krishna said to Arjuna in the Gita…or what Baba Lokenath himself had said…to strive for the final destination..goal..liberation but without any scope of devotion and dependence in a higher power because the very logic stands against using any other means…for example even surrendering to Sri Krishna or Baba Lokenath himself the most intriguing part of all this is that whatever they say seem to be 100% logical….and i feel that this is the most scientific way in which one can look into creation and life and sadhana but then if it is 100% logical…why am i not just able to go for it? why do i have doubts about it why do i even try to reconcile my own Hindu conditioning with their logic? (when they categorically say that whatever you believe might or might not be true…it is only after you search for the truth and get the answer for yourself…then you know if whatever you believed or whatever your teachers, parents, cultural conditioning, philosophical conditioning..were correct or not…but then obviously after knowing for yourself…you will have already have been free from all conditionings) do you advise me to go for a ten days session of vipassana meditation (conducted in accordance to the guidelines of Mr. Satyanarayan Goenka) in so many places in India as well as around the world and settle this thing by myself..once and for all…..will that help? this is one of my life long doubts it is because of this one doubt that i have not yet been able to select a path for myself…walking on the path seems a far away thing for now. love and reverence, Siddartha..China
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Sreecharaneshu Baba. Shato Shato pronam apnaar charone. Baba, I am blessed to receive your answer. Baba, sometimes back I told you that myself and my family members are looking for proposed bride for my marriage. For last quite a few weeks I came in touch with a girl. We saw each other, shared e-mails and talked over phone also. But for last 2-3 mails she was sending mails in such a way , addressing me in such a way, that I became mentally too weak for her. I thought that she has finalised me as his proposed groom. But suddenly she sent last mail telling that she liked my sincerity, my sense of responsibility, my clearmindedness, my integrity. But we both are not made for each other and so she wants to stop communication and can not proceed more. Then I asked her what is the reason that suddenly she stopped proceedings after sending such mails. But she did not answer. For the time being I was feeling so bad and broken because I became weak and committed. But very fast I regained myself feeling that Baba Lokenath has potected me only and not selected her for me as He always wants the best for under any circumstances. And whatever He will choose for me will be best for me and she will definitely come to my life in future. I am sure of it. But Baba, can I ask you if something is not for me, then why those things come to my life, give so much enjoyment and leave giving so much pain? Baba at least say some words, as nowadays your words and Baba Lokenath’s promises in the site are playing crucial role in my life so that I have already succeeded in leaving many of my mental tensions and worries at the Lotus feet of Baba Lokenath. Waiting eagerly for your answer. Please accept my pronam. Indranil
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