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Respected Baba,Pronam. I am back from Hardwar. It was really a nice trip and I felt myself blessed for having the opportunity to accompany my husband, my parents and parent in-law. Baba, want to share with you something what I am not being able to restrict within myself – 7/8 days before this trip, I saw a temple and Lord Krishna idol (totally black and of different pattern what I have never seen before) in my dream. I was shocked when I went to visit Mathura , Brindavan I saw the exact temple of my dream and most shockingly I saw the black Lord Krishna idol exactly dressed up with beautiful green saree. I thanked GOD for giving a surprising visit in my dream. I didn’t have any intention of buying a Gopal idol from there. But my mother in-law told that one of her sister (whom I love very much) phoned her and told that she wants to give me a Gopal idol so to buy it from there. I have got a nice looking Gopal to take care for my whole life. Baba, you know I used to cry to Baba Lokenath for coming to my lap as my child – Baba ei bhabe nije aamar kole ashben – ami konodino bhabini (as Gopal is considered the childhood of Lord Krishna). It was a surprising gift to me as I have never thought it before. I need your blessings to take care of Lokenath Baba as my sweet, little child. I know all these words might not have any meaning to most of the people. Some of them may say I am emotionally weak so thought the whole incident as per my desire but what I felt from the bottom of my heart I could not stop myself sharing with you. As I know you are my Baba who is not going to laugh at me. Though I have started worshipping the Gopal in my heart but formally I want to offer Him his Aashana on the day of Dol purnima. Baba, eagerly waiting for your suggestion and blessings and please show me the light if I am wrong anywhere.Madhumita
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