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Shuvro :Why it is so difficult to control our mind?
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why am i in this world of difficulties
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Respected Baba. shatoshato pronam.
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Dear baba I am a devotee of Baba Lokenath and believes that whatever he does is for my good. But there were an incident in past when my husband lost lots of money in market.It was not only money , but also I had to face insult from every one around…that time also I used to think somewhere it was my fault for which I am suffering…after struggling for few years we are now little stable.. but sometimes I feel nothing has changed . Because my husband has not learnt anything from past and take abrupt decision , spend a lot of money just like that..I still believe Baba will help me and save me from any unwanted situation..but my question is ..if it is due to my husbands recklessness ,shall I blame myself for all the unwanted thing which may happen ? Is it my luck or my past life’s karma…because the crunch of money is always there though I never opt for a luxurious life ,never spent money unwisely ,earn a good amount…but everything is spent to fulfill his wishes .. I love him so much ..he is a nice guy ..but always does things without even thinking abt the future , want to live for present .I can’t see any other way except leaving everything to Baba .I have stopped protesting and tired of this life. Sorry for writing such a long mail.. but somewhere in my heart I have a feeling that u are the only one who can show me the right way. Am I being materialistic…shall I stop worrying abt future leave everything on Baba ? Sometimes I feel why can’t I talk to Baba as I can to a human being.. I want answers for all that’s happening to me..
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