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thank you so much baba. unless i choose to throw away the garbage of the past actions and karmas, my heart will never really have an empty space to receive the divine. so i think now it is time to get over with those stuffs. i think it is time to stop blaming others for whatever is happening–karma..parents..even the fact that i was married in a time in which i was not really ready for it..and the fact that i had an arranged marrige. i kept on cultivating this hurt for a long time that my marrige was not as i wanted it to be an that i never even had an opportunity to know the girl properly. but then that too is karma. after i came back from calcutta on 2006, my parents had also come back from america for a short period. since i could not at that time go to america or did not want to go,..they diecded that i should rather marry…and not stay alone..and you know,..marriges in our societies are still arranged–i concept which i even now am not in terms with….but then what else can that be except karma?and what more can i expect from her..she is a good natured simple woman…who just wants to see her family happy…i am here..and since my own parents are in america..she is patiently waiting for me to completely my course—in her own parent’s house….what else can i expect from her apart from this sacrifice…and how can a bad thing ever be undone by doing even more bad things….so it is time to stop blaming to circumstances and situiations and others and crying like a baby..and then taking charge of my own life. thank you baba. i have met you. already i have felt the grace from you. i have felt the grace of baba lokenath. and know that in each and every rightious step i take forward..he is there to push me and help me. so what else do i need…thank you so much. arart from that..i am carrying on with the study of buddhism…as prescribed in the lines and traditions of vajrayaana….with your blessings…with all the love and surrender to your feet..sarvesg
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Dear Baba I believe in Lokenath Baba so strongly that I know he is there to save me from all evils. But still I am always over cautious about each and every decision I make, which makes me feeling depressed and stressed out. I am working in a very good Govt organization …but I feel I am not satisfied with the work I am doing here. At the same time I don’t want to quit and join some private farm because of fear of losing my secured job. I am always confused about my goal. I really don’t know what is suitable for me. The job gives me a sense of security but force me to stay away from my family. What ever I do , I always have a negative thinking first and then things go to the right direction. If I have faith on BABA why this dilemma..Baba gives me all the blessings without even asking for it…still I do and think the way I mentioned above. There is always a sense of insecurity and fear……..Please show me some way to overcome this and be a true devotee to Baba ..Please bless me..You are His blessed Son and I have a strong feeling that You can guide me. How do we know which path we should follow in life? How to raise self esteem? How to avoid negative thinking and be a Karma Yogi…….Please help..I am not even able to chant Baba’s 108 names..All sort of materialistic thinking clouds my mind during that time also. I wish I could talk to Baba and ask him to give me sense of strong faith. Need your helpand blessings.
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