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beloved baba, in life we knowngly or unknowing end up hurting so many other people in our lives. most often the ones we hurt and turn them into our sour enemies are the ones who are most dear to us. there are many times in which you could have directly contacted with them and communicated with them and then solved your disputes..even asked for forgiveness. but there are cases which are already out of your reach..some are dead..some are very very far away from you…and both time and space does not allow communication..some are just so hurt that they do not even want you around…if they allow you there then may be you could have created some atmosphere of peace and reconciliation…but they are just too hurt ..and that is no longer possible. what can we do to these people. first is the karma of our bitter words and actions, second is their reaction..and third and final is when they get a chance to take a revenge…..that bad karma….how will this end…particularly in the Christian tradition there is a big place of confessing your sins to god and then letting go. i know god would of course forgive us. what father or mother would not. but that is not enough to heal the hurt heart. is there any way we can communicate with those people ..through their hearts….some way we can make them feel that we feel sorry..we did not mean things to happen that way..we were under some evil magic…devil..satan ..what so ever..and make them feel that we still love them..and with a repentant heart pray for their well being too…. whether to come back or not is their choice…of course some of them may never come back….recently i just ended up hurting up my best friend…and i am not getting any way to get through him. he has just closed doors on me. now it is no use discussion whose mistake was it at the first place. because the damage is done. but i do not want to keep this hurt in me..nor do i want this to grow in him..because whatever is done is already done..and may be both of us did not mean to do the things that we did and said to each other…but now trying to even communicate with him might provoke a physical back lash..if nothing else…is there something else i can do for him ..praying..chanting mantras.. visualizing him in the lap of baba lokenath and imagining his hurt melting into babas light…i know of this one method which you told me about long ago..which i just remember as i write to you…….always at your feel…sarvesh
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