Baba Lokenath embodied the pure state of single pointed devotion to his Guru, the Master. He always followed the instructions of his Gurudev, who took him through diverse paths of yoga and unbelievable penance to rise above the physical into the world of pure subtle energy, the unified field. He is one of the greatest of Himalayan Masters, who came down to the plains after attaining the ultimate beyond which no human can reach, the pristine state of adwita jnana, or knowledge of non-dual Self. At the ashram of Baradi, Baba spoke very little about this state, as it is always difficult for a layperson to understand the subtlest of Truth through the instrument of impure mind. Anything that is said is through the words of mind, but Baba reached a point where mind and intellect can never reach! Hence, anything that he would say about his unique state would be interpreted in the language of the mind.

There were a number of times when Baba did speak of the enlightened state:

“Words are such poor vehicles to express the inner experience. Any attempt to reduce it to words only belittles the Ultimate Truth. It is like the mute trying to express the taste of nectar. “Everything that exists in the infinite creation exists within Myself. The whole Universe is within Me. I am existence beyond space, time and causation. My existence is without beginning or end. I exist in eternal expansion. These words are not meant to be shared. That is the reason you see Me spending time with the householders, granting their mundane demands. Do not think when I am busy with you all in worldly matters, that I lose touch with that blissful state. No. Whoever achieves that state can never fall from it. Nothing can ever again be seen in isolation. Everything is seen as the expression of the One. In variety is the taste of Unity.“Because I eat, drink, attend to the call of nature and live like any one of you, you think of Me as one like you. Your greatest mistake is to think of Me as a body. How am I to explain who I am? Everyone is so involved in the fulfillment of small desires, so unconscious, so forgetful of the true ‘I’. Baba Lokenath’s expressions of identification with Ultimate Truth flow like divine music from the world beyond. They echo the words of Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, “Ignorant people seeing Me in human form mistake Me for an ordinary human. They fail to realize that I am the Paramatman (God).” (Gita, 9.11) There is also a Vedic text which explains Baba’s state of Yoga: “The One Divine Being is hidden in all beings; He is omnipresent, the Indwelling Self of all beings, the witness, the one who imparts consciousness, unconditioned and without qualities.” (Svetasvatara Upanishad. 6.11) Recalling his time in the Himalayas, Baba Lokenath said, “While in samadhi, heaps of snow would cover My body and would melt away. In that sublime state I had no feeling of the existence of My body. I was in that state of samadhi for a long time. Then, finally the effortless state of the Ultimate Truth was revealed. In that state of consciousness, there was no difference between me, the rest of the cosmos and all its manifestations. The inner and the outer all merged into each other as an expression of ultimate bliss, absolute joy. There is no state beyond this to be achieved in human life with total effort and divine grace. When Baba Lokenath reached this state of Buddhahood by flowering into divinity, the whole of nature celebrated. For Mother Nature takes a long time to bring the Divine Seed to bloom. Baba was ninety years old and His Guru was a grand old man of hundred and fifty years.
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Direction To Reach Lokenath Divine Life Mission And Baba Lokenath Temple, Kolkata, India

Come to Acropolis Mall, take Rickshaw or walk 10 minutes to Garden High School, 100 meters from there is 47B Bus Terminus. Right on the Terminus and the first left to the Ashram which is about 200 meters from there.
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