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Bus-driver,I am not the typical homeowner and am very grateful for the problems he has corrected.I do not hold him accountable for things the first electrician did. From what I did with the two fixtures...it is apparent that the insulation is directly on top of the drywall (possibly plaster) ceilings. I am not sure with only one side screwed or nailed to the joist that it will support 150 pounds. Model #HT2102-WH-V1. Most of the load was being carried by the roof trusses. Compare; Find My Store. I will do research on a chandelier hoist as I think it would help a lot- especially with cleaning. Item #73273. Meaning, if sections are removed, the insulation will fall right down. Plus, FBRS415 for new construction and FBRS420R, FBRS407R for retrofit,ship ready to use, with all mounting hardware secured in the assembly. The just flipped it to the outside. Cross Bars Accessories. RACO 1-Gang Gray Steel New Work Standard Ceiling Fan Ceiling Electrical Box. Only approved ceiling boxes are allowed to support fixtures in the ceiling. Try your hand at this small electrical project using our step-by-step instructions below. I need to make sure this chandelier is very well supported. for pricing and availability. Topic: weight limit on J. box to hang heavy light fixture: Member Name: Jacob Mela Email: [email protected] Location: California Title: Manufacturer In Trade Since: 1985 Registered: Dec 2002 Total Posts: 1. posted December 13, 2002 at 12:01 PM I am trying to find an NEC article #314. Some include mounting bars for installation between ceiling joists. no clamp on the cable.2. Some of us are pretty good at it. Products. The first time I saw vapor barrier used other than crawlspaces was the Holmes on Homes show. In Floor; Pedestal; View All Floor Boxes Categories; Boxes. One light was mounted over a stud and the other was right next the a stud. The fixture we installed took a lot of manpower and scaffolding to get it in place. I just removed two bathroom vanity lights to replace them and discovered that there was no junction box behind either. 2-Gang White Plastic New Work/Old Work Standard Rectangular Wall Electrical Box. How Do I Fix A Ceiling Fixture Box Background: Lisa, a Homeowner from Chicago, IL Question: I am replacing a light fixture in the hallway and one in the laundry room and have come across the same problem with both. The face of the electrical box must be flush with whatever you box it in with to meet code. What can I add to this to make the box support 150 pounds?I have seen the bracket supports that are placed between joist for ceiling fans but I do not see any way this box could be removed and replaced. as to how it passed inspection with the "crappy nail plate construction". The following specifications will help you locate light fixtures, outlets, and appliances. These are used for lights or smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. I recently bought my dream chandelier. CARLON 20-cu in 1-Gang Plastic Ceiling Electrical Box. Since you have rulled out a hoist, re-read itsunclebill's post and do what he says. These fixtures are far heavier than normal ceiling-mounted lights and decorations. What is the weight limit for your old work round box #B618R if you are hanging a light fixture from the ceiling. We built supports for it by tying to the joists and roof trusses. It was rock solid. I have had several issues with the electrical and plumbing since we built so I am not that surprised. I sure like your idea Brickeyee. Hickeys - Fixture Hickeys - Lamp Hickeys. I've installed light fixtures before to metal work boxes and its usually replacing another light fixture attached to the work box, so I … Install it with cable in the proper clamp and you are good. Once you've relocated your box a new board can be easily installed (partial groove or tongue removed) without it looking like a patch. Drill a hole in the ceiling using a 4 inch hole saw and a dust shroud. You could make a cool detail out of it based on the style(s) you like. We tied them to boards fastened across several trusses to support the load. Boxes. If you have trusses an approval will be required from the truss manufacturer, but it should only require a bolted double splice of the same dimensions as the member you are cutting.Believe me, this should be pretty minor compared to other things they have had to deal with. Do fix the wiring problems mentioned because with the crappy nail plate installation right above it, you've got probably 15 minutes before that whole structure fails if there is a fire. Installing these handy boxes only takes about 15 minutes and they give you the freedom to decorate your space exactly how you want. A fitting called a hicky is installed that allows the chandelier to be hooked to it from the bottom and the top is hooked to a threaded rod or cable that is supported from above. Do-It-Yourself Electrical, Make sure not to miss these Resources for: How-To-Videos It wasn't very complicated either. lighting Electrical Codes, This link is helpful as a Homeowner Again, get a pro to handle the project. We did hire a structural engineer to look over everything during the build so I will contact him. 13 years ago. Check the electrical box for capacity and strength. But the typical homeowner holds the new electrician fully responsible for the entire system as soon as he sets foot on the premises. With a 150 pound fixture the box will not support the load. Our house is 3 years old. If my husband and Icould do the reinforcing of the box, it would make the electrician's job easier. Supporting Heavy Fixtures When replacing a standard ceiling light fixture with a heavier fixture, such as a chandelier, the ceiling box must be securely anchored and up to the task of supporting the heavier load. A square piece of MDF with a 4" round hole in the center will work to trim it out. The chandelier is above the staircase. For a chandelier that weighs 400 pounds, you need to install a hickey, which is a metal fastener that mounts to a ceiling joist and supports the full weight of … Brickeyee,Thank you for your reply.Ironically, this is the route we decided to take.We had the electrician look at it and did lots of research and decided almost exactly what you described would be the best option. Be very careful what you do there. Item #332111. For mounting heavy chandeliers and lighting fixtures, the Westinghouse Lighting 0180000 Hercules Heavy-Duty Chandelier and Fixture Brace has a patented design that's sturdy and dependable. The chandelier is about 14 feet above the steps and a pain to reach so I went into the attic to see what type of electrical box was used. There are a number of boxes that will support a 150 pound lighting load but none I'm aware of would fit under the truss in exactly the same place as the existing box. Now, before everyone thinks about what a waste of money just to put a fixture in place, think about how easy it will make it to lower and clean the chandelier, especially since this one is over stairs and you can't use a ladder. I cannot help the how to support the load in or around the box but lifting the load is easy..if you know some one with a sail boat. If so, a trip to your building department with this picture is in order. It is also well within reason the box could be moved out from under the truss. {{!gwi}}The red and white piece of paper is right above where the box is located. An electrician will be installing the chandelier but he is extremely busy. ), check your electrical box to make sure it will support the weight. Here is a timeline for your kitchen remodel, If your bathroom floor is leaving you cold, try warming up to an electric heating system, See the pros and cons of choosing soaring ceilings for rooms large and small, Installed with adhesive and often less than $100, this decorative detail makes an impact, Mask flaws, trick the eye, create drama ... a black ceiling solves a host of design dilemmas while looking smashing, Ceiling fans get a bad rap for being clunky and outdated, but these streamlined styles and a bevy of pros beg to differ, Material Choices: High Marks for Reinforced Concrete, Source List: 20 Pendants That Illuminate the Kitchen Island, 12 Fun Light Fixtures Made From Found Objects, When to Pick Kitchen Fixtures and Finishes. Even a heavy-duty electrical box, which would be the first choice for mounting a lighter fixture, can only handle fixtures of just over 50 pounds. I very much appreciate it (and everyone else as well). no vapour barrier around the box or even on the ceiling. A ceiling box is for heavier fixtures, such as ceiling fans or chandeliers. I can see a huge advantage to this idea. I had heard he had passed away. A square electrical box, also known as a “double-gang box,” houses two devices. Replace with shelves on the wall or nothing at all. for pricing and availability. 3. This product is extra deep for mounting all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The pre engineered truss system with the nail plates is apparently accepted in this area as I have seen itused in all homes of all price ranges. Compare; Find My Store. We also used some chains and turnbuckles. Add a brace to the existing structure of the ceiling to support the extra weight and make the room safe. just to borrow the mainsheet lines and pulleys or the boom vang. To help stay oriented, bend the bottom of the rod in the same direction. When it was built, I asked the electrician to add a strong support box for an "in the future" heavy chandelier. You cannot hang 150 pounds from any electical box. 11. All light fixtures have a universally-sized, pre-wired box in the ceiling, which the three electrical wires descend from. Since the roof was designed to hold several feet of snow, this was no big deal. Model #926. Metallic Wallplates; Nonmetallic Wallplates; View All Wallplates Categories; Floor Boxes. Here in north the entire ceiling should have a vapour barrier and the boxes are suppose to be wrapped in plastic as well to continue the barrier. Here are some more photos to give a better idea of the location in relationship to the attic structures.{{!gwi}}. A common method for spotting the lift line for large fixture is to attach the lifting gear to the ceiling joists in a convenient location, then run the lift cable over to a pulley supported by the rafters and spotted exactly were needed.Even a heavy light fixture is usually a relatively small structural load.In residential work the rafters often need some blocking near the point load to limit torquing of the rafter, but tying into two rafters is normally more than adequate. --amperage question. CARLON 1-Gang Blue Plastic New Work … You have a lot of braces, joists, trusses, etc to distribute the load. Steve. CARLON 1-Gang Blue Plastic New Work Standard Switch/Outlet Wall Electrical Box. We let him plan the support system we built. We used those to tie to the roof trusses. Are Vaulted Ceilings Right for Your Next Home?

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