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Join our email alert list so you never miss a post. If Santa Claus were real, you’d ask him to show up with the perfect gift for everyone in your company. Wishing you and your loved ones a peaceful holiday season, with plenty of relaxation and good company.” If you’re going to be on vacation for a week or two, then it’s essential you … 5. Holiday Party-Planning Tips. Diversity is who we are, inclusion is how we show up. Here are some of the best and most inspiring holiday wishes that you can use to inspire your relatives and loved ones this season. Recognition and rewards aren’t just a once-a-year event — they need to be given frequently and all year round for maximum impact. GREETING: The greeting is the same for each of these occasions: Congratulations on this holy day. Being aware of ethnic holidays is key for respectful scheduling and creating inclusion, 365 days a year. “The way you recognize and appreciate all of us makes our jobs so much easier. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and thanks for all your support throughout the … November 23, 2020Last Updated: November 23, 2020. We need genius. I'll respond to your message then. “Happy Holidays to a team member whose voice we can always rely on. What’s the ROI on getting into the spirit of the season? January 2: Bodhi Day, the Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that the historical Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama (Shakyamuni), experienced enlightenment, also known as bodhi in Sanskrit and Pali. Read them and let your inner joy radiate. “In this holiday season, I want to acknowledge how much of a difference your hard work makes to this company. Many people will have family members missing from their dinner tables, so this is a time to exercise empathy and compassion. Don’t laugh, there’s real gold for your company in promoting the generosity and warmth of the holidays. I will be back on 2 January. Top tier and C-suite employees lead the way for the company's direction and the path to achieving its goals. Your email address will not be published. Because, for our company to thrive for the next 100+ years, smart isn’t enough. ----- Hello, Thanks for your email. Here’s a great big Thank You from all of us!” 20. Connecting with friends, family and loved ones makes our hearts full, and these happy holidays quotes will inspire you to spread cheer! Jeff Cates, CEO and President of Achievers, notes that “leaders need to be recognition champions.” He points out that “employees crave recognition from leaders,” and, “as leaders become recognition champions, they will notice a major shift in employee engagement and productivity.” Below are some examples of holiday messages that your leadership team can send to employees: 11. This reward expresses my appreciation for all you do!”. Ninety percent of workers say that they are more likely to stay at a company that takes and acts on feedback. Harvard Business Review. Share your comments below. Happy Holidays, and I hope this is the start of the best year ever.” "More Americans Celebrating a Secular Christmas." Make This Your Most Joyous Yet The CDC wants Americans to have 'virtual' Thanksgivings, staycation holidays… Not everything is going to be perfect, particularly if this is your first time organizing a more diverse, inclusive holiday celebration. You rely on your staff all year round to make your business run. May you and your families create happy memories that will last a … Holiday Card Messages for Bosses and Corporate Leadership. The team at [company name] wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. This could be accomplished with a survey asking employees what holidays are important to them, or have one-on-one conversations, depending on the size of the company. The holiday Christmas greetings are sweet and funny and they can be sent through cards, emails or text messages for the employees.. “To the best teammate ever. Wishing you a bright 2020 from your friends at [company name]. 7. “Your honest, thoughtful feedback has been a factor in our organization’s success this year. It's a phrase that helps you spread festive cheer and goodwill, and is usually seen as a well-meaning gesture and a way of sharing warm wishes with the people around you. “You were recognized as our top performer earlier this year, and I want to take this time during the holidays to once again say how much you do for this company.” Leaders who create a more comfortable, inclusive work environment tend to have a more positive impact on employee performance, engagement, and loyalty.. Between November 1st and January 15th, there are over 29 holidays observed by 7 of the world’s major religions. Telling someone to "enjoy your holiday" or worse, sending them "seasons greetings" are cop-outs. 4. According to a Harvard University study, diversity initiatives don’t work unless awareness and inclusion is a daily practice. Greet, at the same time, inspire this holiday season. "Say, ‘Look at the diversity in this room. 10. Inspiring Holiday Messages, Warm Happy Holiday Greetings. 3. Until you can figure out a way to make that happen, however, it’s up to you to play Santa. January. Thank you for your great and positive attitude.” Greetings on this holy day. Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2020! Wish your employees with Christmas greeting messages for employees. 8. This allows for a broad range of opinions and a more collective decision on what a holiday party should entail. I just want to inform you that I will be out of the office only on 26 December and 2 January. Keep in mind that because of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on individuals and families, not everyone is going to be in a celebratory mood this year. Be sure to give and love this holiday season. Creating a diverse and inclusive atmosphere during the holidays can extend beyond the office—especially at a time when remote work has become the norm. May you find joy, peace, and love this season, and remember that our loving thoughts are always with you. An inclusive holiday policy can cultivate a sense of belonging for all employees. No one set of holidays will be meaningful for every employee, so flexibility is key. Holiday season always comes with a joy and never fades the smile on our face . Here’s hoping you and your family have a fantastic holiday season!” I know our New Year will be more productive than ever because of your valuable feedback.” “You’re not recognized enough for all your hard work, but I’m happy to offer this gift as an acknowledgment of the unique value you bring to our organization!” “You always step up and notice everyone’s successes, and you offer encouragement when things are difficult. Include a Welcome Statement: Encourage the CEO, president or regional manager -- whoever's hosting the bash -- to recognize the company's diversity from the microphone. Warmest thoughts and best wishes for a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year. "As another holiday season approaches, our family sends you their warmest wishes. I would like to take this opportunity to wish those who celebrate Christmas a Merry one; those who celebrate Chanukah or Kwanzaa a happy one and those who might celebrate in other ways a joyous one. “Whether our environment naturally reminds us that ours are not ‘the’ universal holidays or traditions, or it’s something we have to be more intentional about remembering, a first step is not to make assumptions.”. Have a wonderful festive season and thanks for always speaking up.”. While most employees will likely appreciate your efforts, you may also face some resistance from others. Wishing you a Happy Holiday and a joyful New Year. By involving employees in the holiday-related decision-making process, and discussing their feelings about the season and how they like to celebrate, you can give your workers a sense of value and ownership. Being inclusive used to mean simply sending out greeting cards, exchanging gifts, and changing the name of office Christmas parties to “holiday parties.” Now, however, there is a greater need to take the time to build understanding and awareness about one another through education, empathy, and communication. Happy holidays from owl of us; The fruit cake’s in the mail; Let it snow… somewhere else; Happy Hanukah. Happy holidays!” This means being inclusive, giving the benefit of the doubt and being responsible for each other. Gallup. 9. Accessed Dec. 23, 2020. Coca-Cola has this Inclusive statement on its job postings: Inclusive. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always. Send a fun appreciation card today with our free tool. In serving our both students and staff, it’s important to remember that campuses have a broad spectrum of of cultural, national, ethnic, … “Thank you for gathering our team’s collective feedback to come up with great solutions for a super-strong New Year!” “I want you to know that I am aware of your conscientiousness and hard work. "Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become One." 20 Thoughtful Holiday Messages to Employees. Continue with your main message, for example: As you may know, I will take some days off during the holidays. People wish each other “Merry Christmas” whether they know the other person’s religious background or not. 18. Here is a look at some good holiday greeting message samples that will encourage finding the right words. 14. How to Build a Business Case for an Employee Recognition Platform,, “treat customers better and attract new ones”, “are more likely to remain with their organization than those who are less engaged”. Are you ready to spread words of appreciation to your colleagues? I'm currently out of the office, returning on [date]. Include, value and trust each other. “Whether your voice is heard recognizing others or giving us vital feedback, we love hearing it! How to Appreciate Diversity During the Holidays, Celebrate Holidays at Work to Encourage Motivation and Team Building, How to Show Employees That Your Company Values Diversity and Inclusion, How to Reduce the Employer's Liability at Holiday Parties, 11 Reasons to Job Search During the Holidays, Here Are 20 Ways to Tell Your Employees That You Care About Them, 5 Creative Ways to Say Thank You During the Holidays, How to Recruit a Diverse and Inclusive Workforce, 6 Rules for Dealing With the Holiday Season at Work, Maintaining Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in Times of Crisis, Get a List of Federal Holidays and Learn About the Pay for Time Off, More Americans Celebrating a Secular Christmas, 2020 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends: The social enterprise at work - paradox as a path forward, Why Inclusive Leaders Are Good for Organizations, and How to Become One. Holiday messages to employees are a perfect time to encourage everyone to speak up with concerns or suggestions. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season. Being inclusive used to mean simply sending out greeting cards, exchanging gifts, and changing the name of office Christmas parties to “holiday parties.”. This message is to wish you all a joyous festive season and a fun-filled holiday. If your workforce is remote during this holiday season, career counselor Arasteh suggests arranging a virtual gathering where several people volunteer to share their holiday tradition or memory. Celebrating diversity in the workplace, especially during the holiday season, is key to keeping employees happy long-term. The CDC Wishes You A Lonely Holiday Season. If you’re the boss or manager, along with forming a diverse holiday committee and being respectful with decorations, there are ways you can lead by example, should the opportunity present itself. Have a joyous, refreshing season, and I look forward to starting the best year ever!”. “Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback frequently, to help us improve XYZ  during the holiday season.” Now, however, there is a greater need to take the time to build understanding and awareness about one another through education, empathy, and communication. 12. If you and your team value inclusivity, collaboration, and togetherness, a holiday celebration is a great opportunity to let those values shine. This joyful Muslim holiday Milad un-Nabi celebrates the birth of the Prophet Muhammad with festivals, processions, gift-giving, worship and charitable acts. The following examples and text ideas can be used for almost any kind of holiday / vacation messages. Extensive new Gallup research shows that employees with higher levels of engagement: We’ve grouped these messages under four tips, to give them some context and help you keep in mind the best practices for engaging your employees during the holiday season. This is what should signify the season as we host our next workplace celebration. Get a head start on 2021, with our 2021 Diversity Calendar. Christmas is a time for caring and sharing. Wishing you a Happy New Year! May the holiday season bring happiness and joy to you and your loved ones. But while over 90% of people in the U.S. celebrate Christmas, with over two-thirds having somewhat or strongly religious observances, it’s important to recognize—especially in the workplace—that there are non-Christian festivities also taking place at this time of year.. May you be blessed by the Guru. 17. The right holiday message to employees is the gift that keeps on giving, because your organization will benefit from having engaged employees who feel that their efforts are appreciated. Accessed Dec. 23, 2020. In an office space where there are people from all different religious and non-religious backgrounds, employers must remember to create a diverse and inclusive environment that makes each person feel seen and appreciated. We know you stress out over what message … Holiday Christmas wishes for employees are sent to wish the employees a happy holiday for Christmas as they celebrate Christmas by touring and holidaying in different places. Listening to someone’s feedback and taking action on it is one of the best gifts you can give. Holiday Message from the Office of Inclusive Excellence December 16, 2020 As we enjoy the holiday season, remember to respect the personal, … We appreciate... During the … Holiday Message Examples / Vacation Announcement Scripts and Ideas. “Your support of everyone on your team brings the holiday spirit to every month of the year. This is the optimal way of building strong relationships. ‘ At the end of every year, the holiday season is the perfect occasion to make memories with the people you care about most. Offer the managers, leadership, and owners a sincere note of thanks for the opportunity to be a part of the company and its success. Anyways , we have collected some inspirational holiday quotes for you to make your holiday season even more meaningful. Below are some holiday messages to employees that you can include along with your recognition, gift, or reward: 1. No two employees or workplaces are exactly the same, so by connecting directly with your staff, it can help give you a clearer picture of the cultural makeup of your office.

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