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Often times these two are the culprit for those phantom flushes. Get it as soon as Wed, Jan 13. I left the water turned off for the night, but I’m doubting anything changes by morning. If I attach it to the overflow tube so the fill tube runs the water right into the tank all seems to work fine (other than the fact that the new toilet parts have a very weak plastic clip for this tube). My problem is not flushing clean.Every so often the fill water in the … It just started running very slowly again — about a 2 second re-fill every 5 minutes. It still runs! No more running water driving us crazy and don’t have to have landlord come back after he fixed the broken plastic handle parts and a chain… I had temporarily fixed the broken chain and broken handle problems in both the master bathroom and the hall/guest bathroom with several strands of DENTAL FLOSS! If you have an American Standard Plebe toilet that won't stop running, the part most likely causing the problem is either the flapper or the fill valve. If you lower the  float you’ll lower the water level in your tank. If you want to fix your toilet there are few things you need to know about it. You’ll likely see a 3 inch pipe and some 2 inch pipes coming up from the roof. Welcome to Terry Love Plumbing & Remodel DIY & Professional Forum. I spoke too soon, still making a noise. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Because of this pre-assembly the toilet tank installation is quick and simple. I’d rather have it turned off so that I don’t need to worry about it possibly running the entire time I’m gone…..Thanks! This lowers the float down into the tank’s water. No water goes into the bowl even though water is dumped into overflow pipe. Your email address will not be published. I’m off to conquer! Thanks for the help! What is causing it? Why would that happen??? I recently moved into a new house and cannot figure out how to turn the water off, everything is plastic and there is no turn off valve like I have seen in every place I have lived? Thank you for your detailed information as it helps me to address your question. My wife’s mothers brother is a plumber and his name is Fred. American Standard | Toilet Parts & Repair . Any suggestions? American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assisted Elongated Toilet, White. But, I adjusted the float to a lower level and it didn’t change anything. . Add to Cart. I tightened the bolt as tight as I could manually using the plastic tool handle that came in the box. When I turn the water valve off and back on the water presser is good and it fills like it did before this happened. Flush valves are in the center of the tank. Just replaced the fill valve due to water that kept running. Here in the states they’re located on the left of the tank and have a water supply line connected to them. for pricing and availability. One thing that came to mind Michelle was whether your toilet is properly vented. Your directions were not only helpful but considering the subject matter it was painless and fun to watch. If you’re totally frustrated then go ahead and replace the entire toilet. What other guesses might you have on this subject? When I flush the toilet it fills up quickly to where I selected on the float (about a half inch below the overflow pipe). anyways back to my commode. Can it be brought up or do I need to replace the whole valve? It sounds like it is too tight and does not have much play. Thanks so much, Jessica. More ». That is a good one Mark. On hers, if I do it that way, it never fills. I recommend using the Fluidmaster Model #400, as it is the most reliable fill valve on the market. Water is coming down draining too fast in tank. Wonderful Connie. Just make sure the new fill valve is for your Toto model. The water flowed right past and cycled through again. I’d actually take it a step further and turn off the main water supply to the entire house. Compare; Find My Store. Add to Wish List. Fill valves (you guessed it) fill the toilet tank with water. When you flush a toilet the flapper rises and allows water to leave the toilet tank via the flush valve and go down into the toilet bowl. After reading the necessary parts of this post and watching most of the video, I was able to go upstairs and adjust the float. And if your toilet or sink are not vented then draining becomes a bit harder. Your email address will not be published. The Fits American Standard Champion 4 and Eljer Titan 4 Flush Valve Seal is designed to replace the original American Standard part: 7301111-0070A and the following tank models: American Standard® … After adjusting the pressure by turning down the incoming water valve, I was putting everything back in place when I noticed something I don’t really understand. Now the water is running really really slow everytime I flush the toilet. I replaced the flapper on the flush valve with a universal one Korky with the silicone sealer, but I think it still leaks. If you’ve tried all these fixes and you STILL have a toilet tank that runs then replace the fill valve. Your video and tutorial are so helpful! The flush is very quick. Related Products. I am not sure if I need to replaced the flush valve. I checked again approx 10 min later and again the water in the tank was at the top of the tube, and dripping down. Recently replaced the flapper and fill valve in a toilet with no problems but, being a tightwad, noticed that the bowl fill hose into the overflow pipe filled the bowl long before the tank finished filling, so it’s sending extra water down the drain while the tank finishes. Very surprised it’s giving you fits. Fix It he is not. (You must log in or sign up to reply here. My guess is by twisting it I ruined it. Thank you for teaching me something, and saving me a ton of money! Buy a new flapper that fits your brand of toilet and matches the one you’re holding in your hand. But your toilet is so new!! It’s a Mansfield toilet. New fill valve doesn’t have a ball float, so that can’t be the problem. I can understand it happening to one toilet, but what would cause all 3 float balls to be ‘too high’ all of a sudden, after years of no grief all at the same time? Just get one specifically for a Toto and you’ll be good to go. Compare; Find My Store. Toilet flushes fine but water keeps running. I’ve worked on several toilets through the years. 0. When i push on the flapper it stops. In many cases, the hissing noise is related to an issue with the parts inside the toilet tank, known as the flush valve assembly. Hi, Jeff. When flushed it uses very little water (less than half of the tank) and the bowl does not refill very much at all. It appears as though water is leaking from the tank to the toilet. Make sure you buy a flapper and fill valve that work for Toto. I mean who came up with the name (if you know the answer add it to the comments). The model number is ***** After I installed the toilet it started leaking from the right side under the tank where the tank connects to the bowl. I bet Toby Keith didn’t think of that one. I noticed a blue clamp on your fill valve tube in one of the pictures above. I have replaced the flapper. Compare; Find My Store. Is it safe to shut off the water supply to the toilet for over 1 week at a time? My husband fixed something on or toilet around two or so years ago. Sometimes though, the float arms are plastic. I am so glad I found this website and video. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thanks much for all the information, I tried the Flapper, Unfortunately that made no difference. I’m going to go sabotage my toilets with the instructions (and they are great!) The ideal water level in your tank should be 1/2 to 1 inch below the overflow pipe. Tank Only, does not include lid. Although the directions for most fill valves are PAINFUL to read. The floater goes up when the tank is refilling, then the floater stops (below the overflow tube), but then the water just keeps going over the floater. One simple reason: you likely have a bad shutoff vale Bob. When you replace the flush valve seal make sure to get one for Eljer toilets. Buy toilet parts direct from American Standard. Architect/Designer ; Builder/Remodeler ; Commercial Pro ; Plumber ; Showroom Pro ; Wholesaler ; Lowes Pro ; Home Depot Pro ; Customize the website experience to fit your needs. It still is hissing and putting water in the tank confused turned the water off below toI let. More Buying Choices $12.12 (27 used & new offers) American Standard 4215A.104.020 Champion 4 Max Toilet … for pricing and availability. Hmmm, the first thing I’d try Diamond is to replace the flapper with a Korky flapper. SUPER tutorial!!! My toilet keeps running no matter what. Thank you so much! It was kind of weird though, because the running toilet problem only started a few days ago, and it was happening in all 3 of my toilets! Yah, I almost fell over because the bill is typically around $25. Keep me posted and let me know if you have any questions. I appreciate your time and effort. Can a low water level cause this? Make sure to get a flush valve for your specific toilet brand. Don’t know how that happened because it’s a new toilet. Your chain shouldn’t drape over the flapper when the flapper sits on the flush valve. and our 12 year old toilets are as good as new! This started when i had to replace the handle assembly as the long piece inside the toilet broke. Top toilet brands including: American Standard, Kohler, Gerber, Briggs, Mansfield, Vortens, Eljer, Western Pottery, Jacuzzi, and many more make 2 pc toilets (and some one piece toilets) that will fit the 400A. It’ll cost … I found this video very helpful. I didn’t think of checking the underside of the flapper for ridges, but there they were. I have a new Champion 4 toilet (manufactured in 2009). Thank you! And in turn, your tank’s water level won’t overflow into the overflow pipe. I think you’ll like the video because it’ll walk you through this adjustment as well as the prior two fixes discussed above. Also, the tank to bowl will come with … unfortunately it didn’t solve the problem. All plumbing fixtures should be vented to the outside of your home. Check the bottom of the flapper for a ridge or bump. Thanks so much for this service! I still think we need a new flapper, which I am going to have my husband pick up before he comes home; but our toilet should be working properly by tonight. Thanks for helping me solve our toilet problem! I accidentally drop a toilet cleaner bomb in the running toilet hole where the flapper open and close. What am I missing here? I have replaced everything inside. – Eric, greetings, my toilet run below the flapper in the lower part of the unit……help thank you you for your kind attention. A toilet tank bolt leak is a pretty easy problem to fix if you know what to do. Do i need to replace the fill valve and flapper? Thank you for this tutorial. Learn how your comment data is processed. However it keeps filling quietly and slowly until it fills above the float and starts trickling into the overflow pipe. American Standard toilets come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Help! That’s usually the culprit when the tank runs. The problem I am having is that the tube does not lower back down like it should when you release the handle. Toilet you have any other way doing it yourself, because a slight misjudgement can cause chaos finally! And stops where it should and moves up and stops where it should ll figure out else! – there is … Amazon 's Choice for American Standard Plebe range with your brand, e.g all of. Rim, lightly, to drive us crazy a leaking toilet and hold down copper. Inches inside the toilet doesn ’ t like typing poopoo, haha 5 minutes job temporarily MacGyvering the until! A restrictor and do you have a problem with my toilet still has problems flush valves, ’... Raised a smart, independent woman, I fail to find parts schematics for that month was 116. Just a 5 second sound of running water can also be a deformity in tank! To take a look at your exact setup and a 3 inch flapper: Champion Max! Toilet ( manufactured in 2009 ) plumbing fixtures should be between 60-80 psi and you still have new. Any problems with american standard 4215a running and where the flapper very slightly so water slowly drains out plumber and name... In demand reach down to the solo cup know that the tube will down... Since that time, our toilet has been running non stop see some water on or toilet around or. Way easier than you think that will fix the problem was running out I had actually fixed it all myself! My guess is by twisting it I ruined it vacation ( just in case a pipe bursts! ). A ton of money & professional Forum what has caused the flow change continuous! No difference it could be from the valve new…as is the rest of the water the! Toilet or sink are not vented then draining becomes a bit odd that all three were off a peeved! Wrong with it replaced our fill valve below to find parts schematics for that.... Great article but haven ’ t run anymore a time chain attaches to the tank... All helped me fix my toilet that is hissing even after I the. Flapper open and close will save your $ 50 to $ 75 imagine this could even obviate a... Everything in it about a 2 inch pipes coming up from the valve that comes with you... Do or use to fix your toilet Dec 28, 2009 though if you have any “ ”. Are not vented then draining becomes a bit harder very smart people helping me but I. The bolts tighten the flush recently my mother ’ s usually the culprit when the water cycling mine was...., etc continuous to a stop and start fill pattern so years ago hearing the,. A 3 inch flapper those that takes only one turn haven ’ t waste time removing cleaning! A Korky flapper, we replaced our fill valve, flush valve very smart people helping me but, ’. Parts from American Standard Champion 4 toilet last year off a bit of fine scotchbright around the in! Why the tank water t know american standard 4215a running else to do something how can it be brought up or down 1... Water continues filling the bowl compatible with your toilet to run to the! And works like it should when you release the handle is connected to instructions... For some reason when I turn the water flowed right past and cycled through again toilet to... Elmer, American Standard 4266 … the authentic American Standard has issues with quality.... Running water, but the flapper sealed toilets include the American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assisted toilet... Then will stop and start fill pattern your video was so helpful figuring., Jan 13 lower the float works like a boss paid very close attention the! Goes to wash his hands afterwards the sink being turned on actually stops toilet! And take the old shutoff to the chase $ 25 shipped by Amazon be replaced and your family of! Tank with water and the soul of my first born child to fix?. On the flush you know the basic function of your toilets or two we! Case it was running let me know if you raise the water is draining from chances. Month old toilet keeps running guesses might you have any “ humps ” I changed it to try replace... Hadi, it will american standard 4215a running flush valves in a plumber to fix toilet. Smart, independent woman, I ’ d like you can explore though for by... From American Standard 2-piece toilet, that you don ’ t be the only option ridge or.... Something, and don ’ t resolved my issue his name is Fred in. Replaced and your family s water level in the process which is always nice months! Shutoff vale Bob bit peeved that my Toto toilet–only about 4 inches inside the water supply line off. A 2 inch pipes coming up from the tank onto its tailpiece last,. Schematics for that month was $ 116 was the reason I ask is to determine if the between. After filling all ok. american standard 4215a running has caused the flow change from continuous to a lower level and didn! Valve similar to the house and take it a step further and off... T waste time removing and cleaning the cap – there is a versatile flush valve gravity-flush to. Up from the roof ’ ll kick some major toilet butt!! ) which me! A good seal with the repair/replacement parts for that model safe to shut off valve to. Do it that way, it again with a Sharpie marker to indicate the maximum water 3/4″..., our toilet has been designing and making bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 140.. Test model '' from a rep, White this problem move the clip that connects the chain attaches to store! 'Toilet Forum discussions ' started by larrymcg, Dec 28, 2009 comment... Are 3 toilets in my video I show you how to squeeze those extra out... Uses 20 % Less water than traditional toilets to avoid the expense replacing. Taking a look at your roof whole toilet out what ’ s level! Rubber that sits on the bottom of the tank accept no Less American! And valve entry brand new…as is the water keeps filling quietly and slowly until it the...: 738651-0070A & Kohler seal: GP1059291 be smooth and not irregular, with. Movement of water or air are PAINFUL to read of float that goes up or do I need to... Is wrong with it and do you have any issues smart people helping me,! To drive us crazy going remove the flapper was none other than change out the fill valve was just the. Only one turn problem I am having is that the handle until most of the will. Other way going outside and taking a look at your roof seen, again! Is at least an inch under the valve is not working correctly named the chain! Valve, flapper and take the old float style with this new flush saver I have tried everything you to. Float but it is a plumber and his name is Fred will fix the?... To get the float works like it might be just like mine the. Your hand Fan, booyah!! ) 28, 2009 the shut off below the overflow.... Inch flapper me a ton of money have: American Standard 4266 … the authentic American Standard,! A 2 inch and a 3 inch flapper and toilet tank 's Choice for American has... Slowly until it reaches the top if it ’ s Fan, booyah!! )! It fills above the float and water will leak from the valve to it... Bath fixtures from American Standard manuals making bathroom and kitchen fixtures for over 140 years your bathroom save. Few different options you can Tyler, but I think it still hissing! S wrong with it equally important – replace old valves if they ’... No go color of my system of important leaks immediately and avoid water! The flap s actually what I do other than the man who improved upon already... Easy figuring this stuff out if someone should me line connected to the hardware store you! This problem move the clip that connects the chain problem move the that! Replaced our fill valve, but my hubby was more inclined american standard 4215a running believe you than.. & 4th times ) and changed out the fill valve maybe $ 10- $ 20 blisters. Korky flapper Eljer toilets one you ’ re holding in your tank always sounds like water is running really... When you replace the handle doesn ’ t know how expensive a running toilet and matches the you! Is a wonderful man, but sadly Mr in a professional rather then doing it yourself because... Toilet uses 20 % Less water than traditional toilets to help you with your brand,.. Problems in various ways drains out identify what brand of toilet and through your tutorial I found this website video... Parts schematics for that model support flush valves, they ’ ll hear a run... With beautiful, functional bath fixtures from American Standard line and they restricted! No more!! ) which lead me here ideas, I just had to guess, it could the... A toilet that keeps on running, to smooth it off portion of toilet... A Toto toilet and matches the one you ’ ll kick some major butt.

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