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Knowledge of Self Only Way to Liberation

  • April 5, 2019
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"Knowledge of the Self is the only way to liberation. Devotion is the essence. Mantra, etc., are the supportive aspects. Move along the path with devotion and love, and who can obstruct your way? You are all my children!" This is the most powerful message of Baba Lokenath. If you are asked what path Baba Lokenath teaches? This is the essence of his teaching. Not until we know about our Self can we find Moksha. Darshan of gods and goddess and saints are inspiration on the path but cannot give liberation. To attain that Self knowledge for the common masses he says Bhakti or devotion is the essence. Mantra sadhana keeps you in tune with the Self within. He says, practice every little act of worship with a touch of your heart, with love, with devotional surrender. The ego will gradually get metamorphosed into the higher self, the Atman.  With Baba holding you and leading the path, you can never go wrong.  Move forward. Don't look back. All is well.



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