Overcoming fear of Covid Virus

We are passing through an unprecedented pandemic in this world. Never before humans were hit so hard at every level of their life not locally but globally. Man and women, children and old, people of all ages are in sheer panic about this invisible monster that is deadly and amazingly infectitous. The question that comes to everyone is what should i do to rise above this threat and challenge?

Well, this is not new, virus and bacterious live within us, as we are a commuinity of trillions of cells. But it is our modern sydentry life style which has robbed humans of the innate immunity power to protect against all viruses that can kill. It is time we take lessons from nature, and reboot our systems to refresh our memory to learn to live a new life style that is not just greed and money oriented but harmony and health and healing oriented. Both at individual and global level we need reorient our life goals, and bring our attention to the fundamental fact of sustaining mother earth and mother nature which is the ground of our very existnece as human race. We have done enough damage to mother earth and when the invisible virus has started to disrupt all public life and economics as a whole, it is for us to resolve what do we all want. Health and happiness cannot come through insane chase for power and greed, it can only come throug love and gratitude, cooperation and communion with the universal forces, that make life possible on earth.

Let us stop, pause, and reflect within as to where did we as humanity go fundamentally WRONG? We will surely find the root cause and once we start to work collectively, we will see all our fears gradually leave us and we are again back to our normal course of life of mutual help and healing. Blessed we are all to have great Masters like Baba Lokenath who promises us that in danger he will always help us to uplift ourselves out of all gloom of life. But the condition is, we need to practice yoga, pranayama, prayer and meditation regularly with devotion and love so that our body and mind is first detoxified and then rejuvenated to fight back against Covid and come out victorious both at individual and collective levels.

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