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Deba asked 4 months ago

Pranam Baba, My question is What is the difference between Bhakti and Dharma? Do we walk in the path of Dharma to know Bhakti or attain Bhakti to know the path of Dharma? 

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admin Staff answered 2 months ago

It took so long just because the site was again reconstructed and i had to wait till they share with me the key to unlock this portal to read questions and answer. Now we are all set. Q&A fun would continue. As we have now a stable website.
Now, to answer your Q in simple words, if you understand what is bhakti and what is dharma, things should become clear chicken or egg first riddle!! 
Dharma is the universal principles and order that governs these myriad of universes. You know that everything is energy, and grossed energy is matter. Everything that way has its own dharma, like dharma of ice or snow is cold. Fire is hot!! So on. So, your concept of Hindu, Islam or Buddhism or Christianity as Dharma is not so much right. They are at best pointers and practices to realise what is true dharma of humans on earth. Why humans are so special vis-a-vis all other species of life.
Once you explore this field of knowledge you will realise that we humans alone have the power of discrimination (sat vs. asat)  and self-awareness. Dharma thus for us is to realise who is this body-mind self? Who is born and who dies? What happens after death? What is the ultimate reality beyond all the relative ever changing pseudo-realities? 
Bhakti is all about a path by which you try to surrender your individual self to the Supreme Intelligence of the vast cosmos and its creator the Divine, so that you finally realise the answers to the fundamental quest of life “who am I and who is God and what is my relationship to God”? 
Bhakti is your effort to awaken your consciousness to do things as an instrument of the Divine to transform all actions (Karma) into Yoga, that is union with God. What you usually hear about Karma Yoga. As you can’t remain without thoughts and action even for a second, it is obvious that you need to finally know WHO IS THE DOER OF ALL YOUR ACTIONS AND WHO THINKS IN THE MIND? Once you practice this mindful doing and mindful thinking you are in a spirit of surrender to the ultimate Doer of all doings, the Divine Mother, or which ever way you want to name or not name the Universal Divinity. 
Dharma is innate in all that is. Bhakti is path to channel your emotions that usually runs to all the mundane relationships for some temporary pleasures, to the Divine. For Divine Love is one and only unconditional love that exists. You too will not rest until  you reach to this innate dharma of yours to be Divine. For you are potentially, Divine, a seed god in the making
Your relationship to God alone can make you feel that unconditional love that will fill your pitcher, your body mind for ever. Once you are face to face with your beloved Master, the Lord of  your heart, you are established in eternal bliss, which you are in reality. 
Let your emotions connect with the Divine and open your eyes to see all that exists is God and that you are in eternal love relationship with everything that exists in this vast cosmos.  

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