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Rahul asked 4 months ago

Baba, till now I have not initiated by my Guru. Before that I want to prepare  my container very well. Please show me the way 🙏 

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admin Staff answered 2 months ago

Spiritual path is one of unlearning!! This is pretty confusion isn’t? As such one has to learn to swim against the current. Once you are truly thirsty, you desperately look for water. So also when you feel that this world is pretty deceptive, it appears if i have this and have that life would be so much fun, like if i have that boy or a girl as my life partner, it would be just a heaven. But actually, if one gets married, then the true story of life starts to manifest. Struggles become a daily issue. It is no longer a fun after couple of years. At some point it is a monotonous journey, of trying to satisfy x or y, but it seems to be a difficult thing to please anyone for a longer time, that is where your frustration starts to mount up inside you. 
At some point your soul calls you to seek the solution of life’s problem’s inside of you. This inward movement of life force, and your awakening to higher truth in life is the beginning of Spiritual Quest. 
Luckily, that phase may have come into your life that is the reason you are seeking guidance to know how to first become a good student. Great beginning! Most people ask for how to find a good Guru!! But without a good studentship you hardly can do justice even if you are given the best Guru. 
Just keep watching my Videos in the Youtube and facebook, they are in tonnes, and you will find lot of guidance, you can also find in this website home page lots of audios of guided meditation you may practice that, and then at some point you need to learn to practice YOGA AND PRANAYAMA followed by Japa yoga, or mantra yoga, or meditation as instructed by your mentor or teacher, till you have an authentic Guru. That is a good place to start to be a good student or seeker of Truth. 
Blessings and love, 

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