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Deba asked 4 months ago

Pranam Baba, My question it that Is everything that we do already decided by God or our actions we choose or our decisions influences our Fruits in our uncertain future in this very birth?

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admin Staff answered 2 months ago

As such as long as you are identified with your body and mind as who you are, you are in illusion. But that is where most people are in this world. As long as you are a body, you will have decide and you have to act and you have to take total responsibility knowing that the law of karma is infallible. Which means, that you are creating your destiny every moment through your thinking and feeling and believing and finally through your actions. 
So, if you are in the spiritual path you will realise that you have to be very balanced in life, anything in extreme would lead to problems later. Hence, moderation. Don’t eat too much. Don’t eat too less. Don’t sleep too much, don’t deprive yourself of enough sleep. This is moderation. or Balance. 
As you move on the path of life with a sense of moderation and with mindfulness, and practice puja, japa, prayer, yoga, pranayama, meditation, all these would tune your system to walk the middle path of moderation and mindfulness. 
Then you will have more patience with life to burn out your past karma and at the same time create a great future. 
Role of God? Your consciousness in its purity is God. Become conscious of consciousness and you are with God and you will have more clarity of your life’s mission and thus God will become your very breath as He/She /That always was and is. 

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