Divine Protection for Covid

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Norman asked 5 months ago

Are we Divinely Protected from coronavirus if we ask for Protection? Does our mindset make the difference? Gratitude for your answer!Divine

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admin Staff answered 5 months ago

Who ever asks for the protection and grace from God is never deprived. Of course who will realise the Grace and in what level of perception is totally upon the individuals. 
Yes, your mindset is all that matters. Your world of fear anxieties and susceptibilty to virus depends how you are protective but not obsessive about the fear of being infected. So doing, you are taking all precautions and at the same time inviting the virus with all your thoughts and fears. Take care to eat right food, take all hygenic protection and at the same time keep your Mind busy doing Japa or mantra chanting and doing your things of life in a spirit of true mindfulness. Live in the moment. Live in the remembrance of God and His infinite Grace that surrounds you all the time. Affirm the Grace. Light and Love. 
You are safe, ever safe in the Hands of God. In the hands of your lower mind of fear and old patters, of course you are vulnerable. Hence, it is upto your trust in the Divine and also how you are living your life that is the most important thing to think about in relation to this global pandemic. 
Blessings from Bodhi 



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