QuestionsCategory: SpiritualBlessed Baba, Can you please expand on the idea of finding the right balance between Mind, body, and spirit? Thank you and blessings, Morning Star
Anonymus asked 1 year ago

Blessed Baba, Can you please expand on the idea of finding the right balance between Mind, body, and spirit? Thank you and blessings, Morning Star

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Shivangi Singhadmin answered 1 year ago

We all want to be happy in our lives. We want to experience the beauty of peace and harmony in our lives. But at times the body is the obstacle with its ailments and dullness, and most often it is the mind that is caught in the rut of its negative emotional and behavioral patterns which causes psychosomatic dis balance.

Happiness or bliss is a state of being. But most people are not anchored in their Being or the Spiritual Self and is driven by instincts of body and mind. As long as one is not conscious and aware of the fountain of life’s movement from the Being within, life seems to be more random and erratic than harmonious flow with the rest of creations.

In my book ‘Making Your Mind Your Best Friend’ i have discussed at length various aspects of this basic imbalance and ways to find the rhythm back. Of course at some point it starts with love for God or the Unseen Force that seems to guide the destiny and course of all beings and trillions of solar systems. The mind has to find a higher goal in life, and anchor in the very root of its own existence. It has to slow down allowing space for peace. It has to allow its emotions to be bridled and offered to One whose Grace can uplift the emotion into a state of Divine Love that is unconditional. As long as one is caught in the trap of human love that is give and take, one can not rise above this material emotion to the level of spiritual outpouring for the Divine Union.

We all need to first realize that call God by any name or no name, we have to purify our minds only to feel its intrinsic peace and tranquility which happens through meditation on the Higher Light that is the Radiance of the Divinity. Love for the Divine and channeling all actions and thoughts toward the Divine and divinizing every cell of our body to realize the Divine is the very purpose of human life. That is the reason who ever have realized that mystical love and ecstasy and surrender have influenced people to walk on the path to true happiness and bliss. They are remembered and worshiped all over the world and their teachings are timeless. We have to follow their footsteps, regularly read about their lives, sacrifices, self giving and love toward God, for it is only by loving God with all our heart and soul we will get back our natural rhythm of life.

The history of mankind has not a single example of one who cried for God and did not see Him. One who has that Vision sees the same Truth in all beings and then love happens. When love happens it spreads its fragrance far and wide bringing balance in the lives of many.
With love and blessings,