QuestionsCategory: Random (default)Shuvro :Why it is so difficult to control our mind?
Anonymus asked 2 years ago

Shuvro :Why it is so difficult to control our mind?

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admin answered 2 years ago

Because we don’t understand our mind. If you start to give time to your mind, that is your thoughts, you will be able to first understand the quality of your mind or the mental patters that you have created for you out of your own thoughts and emotions. What is needed is not your efforts to control the uncontrollable, but your efforts to befriend it. Just your efforts to give quality time to it. By quality time, i mean, time to just observe the thoughts of your mind. It is because you are trying to control, you are frustrated about the results as the mind goes out of your grip. The more you condemn yourself of your inability to control, the more you fall in the negative channels. Just rise up to this understanding that you don’t have to control but just have to observe. This will do the miracle that you are longing to see. The mind will calm down the moment you start to just observe it. The observer element is very powerful, for it is engineerd by the power of Consciousness. The light of consciousness will do the miracle of calming the mind. Once you feel that for a second that will give a quantum leap into the world of consciousness, the Witness within you. You will find that the mind is becoming calmer and calmer and blessing you with the benediction of life.