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Paula Vandelindt asked 2 years ago

Hello, Baba! Here is my question:
If a person has devoted her life to Baba Lokenath and feels His blessing during meditation on Him, can He be considered that person\’s Guru?
Does one\’s Guru have to be in the physical form?
Thank you! Your book in English about Baba Lokenath has changed my life! 

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admin answered 2 years ago

Yes, as long as you have the strongest faith and surrender to his eternal Holy Presence. He is there for all of us for eternity. You know he realized a state where he can materialize his physical body at any time to be with any of his true devotees.
Yes, one’s Guru has to be in physical form, for he is not a physical body, but the conduit of the Divinity to you. You can’t talk to the Divine, you can’t always decipher the messages coming from Higher worlds, you need a true spiritual teacher who can show you the path in accordance with your deepest trust in which ever Sage or Deity of your own heart.
Like you need one who can initiate you with a mantra that has Baba Lokenath’s Name and His grace in it. Hence you need to pray to him, saying, “if you think that i need a Guru in physical form then take me to that person, for i don’t have the eyes to know who is the right one, and who can take me to YOU”.
That way you are open to initiation and Guru while at the same time you are continually meditating upon the form of this great Master to take you across the ocean of life.
My love and blessings with you.