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Chinmoy Sinha asked 2 years ago

Respected Baba, I have heard that thoughtlessness is the best way to meditate.How?Please accept my pranam.

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admin answered 2 years ago

Yes, that is the ultimate state. That is not the state when you start your practice. Now you are on the practice phase. So, keep practicing your dhyana or mediation on your breathing for at least next 20 days, pure observation how you are breathing, as if you are seeing someone else breathing, you are watching.
Indeed so! That is the peak. Where you are there but thoughts are not there. You are like the sky the space, remaining unattached to all the colours of clouds that dance around, passing, drifting and You are sheer watcher.
You don’t reach this ultimate state of thoughtlessness and emptiness but filled to the brim state overnight. It takes births of sadhana, not even years and decades. If you are one who had enough sadhana in your previous births, then you will be able to feel the awareness of your higher self who does nothing yet everything is done by it or through it.
Keep practicing the silent sitting and pure witnessing as a mode of meditative practice. But don’t forget to spend the day in mindful state of being present when you do things, and avoid being a robot. Doing things by default.

Gradually you will rise. You will grow. You will come out of sleep. You will flower.