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Debjani asked 2 years ago

Pronam Baba, 
Read about Agartala Maa. Especially her words, She once told me, “In this Kali Yuga, Baba Lokenath is the most powerful living Presence.” Baba Lokenath would often come to her and Ma would say, “If you pray to the gods, they may come or may not come, but if you pray to Baba Lokenath he will surely come to you and help you out of danger”. She would often say, “Baba Lokenath is the Living God of this age.” touched my heart. Thank you for the post. Joi Guru. 

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admin answered 2 years ago

I am happy you are touched by this write on my beloved Mother, Agartala ma. As such i have no language by which i could ever express who this Divine Feminine was to me, She was living Mother in human form.
Yes, she always told me, that “kali te Baba Lokenath sakkhat bhagavan”
Keep Baba in your heart, and all is well. Where do you live? If kolkata, then i will be at the mandir between 10 May to 15 May, if possible do come.
Blessings and love,