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Anonymus asked 2 years ago

how can we always posative

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admin answered 2 years ago

Indeed this is the greatest challenge of life. To be always positive. As such it needs your deepest yearning for peace and happiness in life. When you are convinced of the fact that life is not all materialistic on the surface, then you try to dive little deeper. You start to realize that happiness or peace is not something that you can find outside of you. No one can give you that. By seeking happiness and peace outside of you, you swing like the pendulum between the pains and pleasures, praise and insults. Those experiences one day bring you to a deeper conviction that you need to move within ward to find peace in life. You find that it is ultimately the game of the mind. It is in the mind you are happy or unhappy. So you start to work with your mind. In the process of stilling the mind you find that it is restless. You seek the guidance of the Holy ones who have walked the path of calming the mind before you. They will let you know that one of the simple techniques by which you can calm the restless and unhappy mind is by observing your Breath. Or just by observing your thoughts. No judgments. No criticism or running commentary on the good and bad thoughts. Just observation. Just being mindful and conscious of the thoughts and just relaxingly watchful. You will find that the thoughts are slowing down. The other miracle that will follow is as the mind is observed or the breath is observed, you will reach a finer state of mind and breath which will purify your mind of its dross and materialistic perceptions which is based on your ego-patterns. As the mind is cleansed and calmed, you will find that the negativity of the mind will gradually leave you, as the darkness leaves naturally with the rising of Sun. You don’t have to stay positive or put special efforts for it, you will have positive thoughts for your mind now is cleansed from within. You will find that now you are able to forgive and forget easily, you are naturally compassionate. You start to flower into a good human being the prerequisite to become a spiritually enlightened soul. To be in celebration all the time.