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Mental tensions
AnsweredShivangi Singhadmin answered 10 months ago • 
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Will i overcome my financial troubles
OpenShivangi Singhadmin answered 11 months ago • 
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Regarding my future life
OpenShivangi Singhadmin answered 12 months ago • 
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Fearless Life
OpenShivangi Singhadmin answered 1 year ago • 
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Aamar shradhapurna pronam grohon korben. I have met with you at the age of of 17 through one book written by you on ‘Baba’. My mother gifted me this book on my birthday. I am 32 now and till today have not received any precious gift like that book.I wanted to meet with you since then but it was my misfortune that hold me far away from you since so many years. I cannot exactly remenber from when I have started keeping Baba’s locket with me as I was too little when my mother gave me that . I can’t think my life without Baba’s presence. I always feel ‘He’ is always there with me.Whenever I have to do take any decision, have to do any work which needs to prove my efficiency – I just utter Joy baba lokenath, joy ma lokenath, joy shiva lokenath, joy guru lokenath, joy brahma lokenath – Where from I get courage, I feel fearless – I don’t know , I feel ‘Baba is sitting beside me. Sometime I was in very troublesome situation, I used to take ‘Baba’s ‘ photograph & hold it firmly with my heart – believe me I always felt that I am holding my mother , my father or someone who is much more nearer or dearer than anybody in this world.But I am a very very simple girl so as I loved ‘Baba’ from the bottom of my heart and when there was something wrong I was very sentimental with ‘him.’ But after some days I realised that that I can’t walk a single step without ‘him’. I don’t know how to walk alone. I have just now gone through some of yours answers to Bhaktas and I also believe that there is no word called ‘satisfaction’. It’s our imagination that we are satisfied but for the time being, after that it seems to me we are running after something else for more satisfaction. My respected Baba, I have lots of problem like each & everyone here in this world, I think with through your hand of blessing I can get the touch of devine . So eagerly waiting to meet you. I have come to know that you are very busy for some days, so please let me know on what day I can go & visit you. I want your constant guidance. I believe when Lokenath Baba has said me that ‘he’ will save us – ‘He’ obviously will save us. Will you please meet me once? Regards, Madhumita
OpenShivangi Singhadmin answered 1 year ago • 
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Shreecharaneshu Baba,This is Sudipta Biswas writting to you from Kalyani, Nadia.Baba, we are two sisters.I am the younger one and my elder sister is already married,in the last year.It was a love marriage.But after the marriage the ‘love ‘between them seems to vanish out and her husband behaves very rudely with her.Her in-laws also are not at all behaving properly with her.Recently she has got agirl child and is residing with us, i.e. in her parental house along with her husband and daughter.Baba,she is very much upset and feels very disheartened.But she has been all along a devotee of Shri Shri Baba Lokenath.Seeing all these things my parents are also suffering from constant worries andanxiety and always remains in sadness.This is causing deterioration of their health as well.My sister’s husband is engaged in a chain marketting and his earning is also not enough for his fasmily.In the meantime my marriage has also been fixed and the groom’s parents are willing to arrange the marriage by the end of 2010.I am really scared that if this situation comes to my life also, then how will my parents live,for they are already very sad and worried at heart ?More so because I do not have a permanent job,though I am trying for it,sincerely.Baba, I am really helpless and do not know what to do?I would earnestly request you to kindly send me your advice and blessings so that we can get rid of this complecated situation.Conveying our bhaktipurna pronam to you.Sudipta Biswas
ClosedShivangi Singhadmin answered 1 year ago • 
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baba, let me trouble you some more with my questions. i mean, for example, when i was in calcutta, in your blessed presence these desires did not touch me for a long time.but as you had already mentioned to me, they are a part of me, i cannot totally anhiliate them..anhiliating them means anhiliating myself.so i have accepted that they will keep on troubling me for a long time to come.but is there a way out? just as i have read in the books..they say that when the boat is anchored, no matter how much the waves hit it, it moves and moves but still remains anchored..or as they way though the surface of the sea is full of high tides and storms, the deppth is calm and peaceful…is there any way by which i can make the Presence a deep anchor within my self…so that even if the subconscious mind pushes me hard..i still remain anchored..in the presence.and so..since a constant physical presence of any entity..even of the divine is practically impossible..is there anything else..mental or spiritual that can be done…and one more thing..some say that these two very strong desires..for intoxication and conjugal unity..both indicate that i am seeking something else..saomething apart from the body..that is why these desires are very strong..because in both we tend to forget ourselves for atleast some moment of time…is this theory correct..if it is correct…then i will have to wait for the Light to take over me…for these desires to go away completely…because onlly then will i be aware of the oneness of everything and be free of physical bondage/limitation…can you please shed some ideas over these issues baba…always on your feet..sarvesh
ClosedShivangi Singhadmin answered 1 year ago • 
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