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QuestionsCategory: Spiritual
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God realisation.
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how to become thoughful
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Achintyaiba param dhyanam…..
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People change why
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Seeking spiritual advice.
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beloved baba, then this means that i do have your blessings for this venture.does it seem strange to you that why am i even asking for your blessing for trying out something that inlolves an atheistic theory about life?it seemsw strange to me too but tthere is one more aspect of this thing that i would like to share with you.i would like to try this was as a form of a logical and scientific way of self analysis and introspection, which as far as the theory goes will help me burn out the seeds of craving and aversion and when which will suppossedly help me lead a better live..a life not in control of any kind of negative passoin..the fact that this philosophy just completely denies the presence of god and some supereme power being able to love and guard and protect you just makes me feel lonely..and makes me feel that i am not being carec for.but then i ask you…for your blessings because after all this is one thing i would like to do to improve myself..to make my life more meaningful , more disciplined..to make my mind more silenced and at peace..i had always wanted to get hold of something ..after getting hold of which i will never stray back in the wrong path.if this is that ‘something’ and if i strive to perfect myself in this one path..then will god(personally speaking i do like to believe that there is a loving god and i just dont know him yet) and also you as well as baba himself help me go ahead in this path..because after all this is an effort from one of your children to try to improve himself and bring himself back to the Truth..by trying to work on something which sounds logical but also sounds heartless…but then this child of yours is so concerned about this stuff because he actually wants to take this thing as a sort of therapy ..which wil clear his clutterring mind and bring some peace to him…so even if i do leave the throry itself in the back ground…dont you think even then it is worth a try.i am also writing this thing to you because they say that the course itself is designed to be very very difficult..that is what these people say..that is is bound to be difficult..because for the first time in your life you have tried to confront your owm mind..they say it is like a surgical process of taking out the tumor but without an anaesthesia…because awareness of the whole surgery is what exactly is aimed at…….please answer soon…i am planning to try something which i had always wanted to do but was always afraid of doing so….always at your feet..siddartha.
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beloved baba, pranams. one thing has always confused me. can you be kind enough to shed some light in that? the thing is, " how exactly does astrology work?" i mean, apart from the heavy claculations and mathemathics that are involved, how are we to explain the ways in which the distant planets affect us? it is easy enough to say that the whole universe is one conscious being-one thing always in relation with the rest of the universe. even if accepted, then why would this cosmic whole want to harm us? how exactly can we come in terms with the planets harming us and also benifitting us? if they are a part of the mother nature, then how can some unknown entity be harnful to us..being a part if the same nature? it is not so easy to concieve nature being malaefic to some one and benificient to some one else. epecially in our hindu cultures these planets have been shown to have distinct personalities and likes and dislikes just as we have. so how can we accept thay they also being limited to what they are can impart absolute justice? what is the sicnificance of their worship? if they do have likes and dislikes and personalities as potrayed in our scriptures, then should they be feared or what is the attitude one should have about them..loving or enimical?if they do have an affect on us..what is the best way to neutralise that affect? wearing stones, worshiping them or chanting their mantras or something else? but if they just reflect the defects inside us( genetic or acquired/of this life of of the past lives) then can we choose not to worship them and just to rely on god himself? can we find some other way by which we can correct those defects which have a bad affect on our various aspects of live..withouu bothering about them at all?i believe that these are just symbolic representations of our own make up abd strengths and defects and even if we choose to worship them or wear stones etc it subtly effects our body, mind and emotions and try to balance those defects which we might have earned in this life of the past. but i am not sure how to deal with it when i hear that my bad times are coming…and so and so "dashas" are coming ahead..and so and so planet has a bad eye on me and i might have to take protective measures. please enlighten…always at your feet..siddartha
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