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ASHOK SENGUPTA asked 2 years ago

I am 65 years old and will definitely die in the future. How will I die. Will I give trouble to others. Will I lead a lonely life
without any help. Who will give me company in later life. Will I get any support. Suggest a mantra for me. 

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admin answered 2 years ago

please note that how you will die will depend upon what kind of destiny you are creating for yourself. Your destiny is created by your thoughts, actions and feeling TODAY. So live today well, live with gratitude, live with thankfulness for what you have rather than wasting your time whether you will die painfully, Know that there is no pain in death, there is all pain in the life you are leading NOW. So, change this paradigm. All is well. Think that you will be taken care at the time of death and that is all.